How to Fix Prime Video Not Working on Roku?

Prime Video is one of the best streaming apps you can get for Roku devices. With Prime Video membership you can access all the contents available in its library. Lately, there have been problems with Prime Video not working on Roku. If you are facing the same problem, go through this article to know the cause and learn the procedures to fix it.

Why is Prime Video Not Working on Roku?

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Prime Video has been offering its streaming service endlessly through its streaming devices. Roku device is one of the supported devices, which offers the best streaming experience. But lately, there have been some instances where you can find that the Prime Video app not working on your Roku device. Some of the common factors that cause this issue are,

  • Amazon Prime Video Server Errors
  • Not using compatible Roku devices.
  • Internet connection errors
  • Outdated App version and Roku Firmware
  • Minor errors made by cache files.

How to Fix Prime Video Not Working on Roku?

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Now that you have found the reason for Prime Video not Working on Roku issues, you can fix it easily. Follow the simple methods provided here in the given order and make Prime Video work again on your Roku device.

Power Cycle Roku device:

Doing a simple power cycle on your Roku device can help the Prime Video app to work again. When you do a power cycle, temporary files will get deleted and provide you with some extra space. Follow the procedures to do a simple power cycle.

  • Turn off your Roku device and disconnect it from your Smart TV.
  • Leave the device as it is for a few minutes.
  • Now reconnect Roku to its original place.

Try to access the prime video app on your Roku device. If it works continue to stream it. If not, then try out the next method. You may also like to learn about How to Fix YouTube Not Working on Roku?

Check Prime Video on Roku compatibility:

All Roku devices used to be compatible with Prime Video, but lately, some models of Roku devices have become not able to access the Prime Video app. The Roku device models with no access to Prime Video are 3500X, 2710X, 2720X, 2700X, 3050X, 3100X, 2400X, 3000X, 2500X, 2450X, 3400X, and 3420X. If you are using any of these modes, you cannot directly access Prime Vides, instead, you can cast its contents from other devices to your Roku device screen.

Check your Internet Connection:

To enjoy Prime Video content in HD quality on your Roku devices, a minimum of 5Kbps bandwidth is required. Having a Network connection to a High traffic modem can cause the Prime Video app to stuck and buffer while streaming. In case you find that your Router is causing the problem, you can simply do a power cycle. This will solve the errors within your Router. If the problem persists, press the reset button on your router. You may also like to learn about How to Resolve Sling TV Not Working on Roku?

Update Prime Video App and Firmware on Roku:

Using an outdated Prime Video app on Roku can cause it to not work. Prime Video app gets updated on a regular basis by its developers on Roku. When you update the app, you can fix the bugs which cause Prime Video not to work on Roku. Follow the procedure to update Prime Video on Roku.

Update Apps on Roku:

  • Find and Highlight the Prime Video app on your Roku device.
  • Press the Star button on your Roku remote to open the Apps details page.
  • Select the Check for updates option.
  • if there are any updates, the Prime Video app will automatically get updated on your Roku devices.

Update Firmware on Roku:

  • Go to your Roku Settings menu and select System.
  • Choose the System Update option and tap on the Check Now option.

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  • If a new version of Firmware is found tap on Update.
  • Once the update is complete your Roku device gets restarted.

Clear Cache on Roku:

Whenever you use the Prime Video app on your Roku device, some amount of data gets stored. These data can be bugs are unwanted data needed to watch Prime Video on Roku. Clearing out these data can free up some memory space on your Roku device and speed up its processing time. Your Prime Video app not working on Roku can also be due to these bugs. To clear the Prime Video cache on Roku, refer to How to Clear Cache on Roku TV?

Reinstall Prime Video on Roku:

When you delete the Prime Video app on your Roku devices, all the app data along will problem causing bugs will get deleted. You can install the Prime Video app again on Roku and access its latest version without any bugs. You need to Activate Prime Video again on your Roku device when you reinstall. Follow the procedure to delete the Prime Video app and install it on your Roku device.

  • Get to the Prime Video app on your Roku device.
  • Highlight it and press the Star button on your Roku remote.
  • Select the Remove Chanenl option and again choose to Remove.
  • You have deleted the Prime Video app on your Roku device.
  • Go to Channel Store and find the Prime Video app.

Amazon Prime Video on Roku

  • From its app information page select Add Channel to get it on your Roku device.

Now Activate Prime Video again on your device and access its contents without any errors.

Factory Reset Roku:

Make factory resetting of the Roku device the last option. Because doing a factory reset will delete all the data you have got on your Roku device and turn it into how it was when you bought it. You need to activate your Roku device again to access it. Follow the simple procedures to factory reset your Roku device,

  • Go to your Roku device Settings menu.
  • Select the System option and tap on Advanced System Settings.

  • Now choose the Factory Reset option, enter the code, and press OK.
  • Select Start Factory Reset option and wait for a few minutes.

Your Roku device will restart once the factory reset process ends. You have to get Prime Video again on your Roku device and Activate it to access its contents. You may also like to learn about How to Fix Peacock Not Working on Roku?


With the simple steps provided here, you can easily solve the Prime Video not working on Roku issue. Pay extra care to the model of your Roku devices, get this app on it. Enjoy the latest shows without any errors from Prime Video on Roku not.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does a Prime Video membership cost?

You can either access Prime Video with your Amazon Prime membership or subscribe to it as a stand-alone service. Amazon Prime membership starts at $14.99 per month and $139 per year. Prime Video costs $8.99 per month.

Is Prime Video better than Netflix?

Prime Video seems somewhat better than Netflix, due to its library of shows, movies, and premium channels. But on Netflix, you can watch a wide range of international content.

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