How to Fix Pandora App Not Working? 10 Solutions

Pandora application is the Most popular App for All Music Lovers and it has a great player list and songs. You can also create your favorite song list. You can download the app on its supported devices. Whereas the Pandora network has owned by Sirius XM. If the Pandora app is not working on your device. It will show some error message while opening the application. Then you must clear it to access its content on your devices. Don’t go anywhere to search for a solution. Here we are going to share the solutions and tricks to get back your Pandora Application. Just try it with the steps. Read this article on How to Fix Pandora App Not Working. 

How to Fix Pandora Not Working

How to Fix Pandora Not Working?

Pandora is an Application it gives content about music streaming services and you can obtain Music and Podcast. Moreover, It offers Free and On-demand content. You must Sign up for a subscription Package to watch ad-free shows and programs. In addition, it has a wide variety collection of categories, music, songs, album, and playlists. If Pandora Not Working on your device. Surely, it will be affected by some technical issues. You Must clear the problem to retrieve the application to stream its content.

Check the Internet Connection

Internet Connection is a must for every device. You have to connect a stable internet to your device. Then only you get an unbuffering contents. In case, any lack of server happened then you must disconnect the server for a few minutes and then Fix it again to get a fast and better Network.

The Steps are:

  • From the Home screen of your device.

setting option Pandora App Not Working

  • Move to the setting option.

network section Pandora App Not Working

  • Tap the Network section.
  • Discconect the server.
  • Wait for a few minutes.
  • Then Reconnect the server.

Now check if the Pandora Not Working error is Solved or not. If not then proceed with the upcoming method to fix the issues.

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Force Stop the App& Relaunch

It will happen sometime if we don’t close the application in the proper way. Moreover, the Cookies are locked over there. At the time, if you open the Pandora application, it will get struck to launch the app on your device. In this case, you have to do the Force Stop the app option. Do this Process and relaunch it to get a proper working Pandora App. For Android and iOS device the Force Stop process get different. Here we mention the steps for both.

The Steps are: [Android]

  • Launch the Setting option on your Android device.
  • Move to the App list.
  • Search for the Pandora application.

Force Stop button

  • Choose it and Press the Force Stop Button.

Here are the steps for iOS devices:

  • double click the Home button.
  • All the background running apps are appears on the screen.
  • Find the Pandora application.

froce stop on ios device Pandora App Not Working

  • After that, Click on Force Stop on the Pandora app to Close the application.

Reset your device

This is one of the Possible solutions to resolve your application error on your devices. Try this to get your Pandora application back to your devices. While resetting your device it will clear all the glitches and errors from the device. Once the process is done then you have to reinstall the application again on your devices.

The Steps are:

  • Move to the setting option.

reset option Pandora App Not Working

  • Click General–> Reset–> Reset Network Settings.
  • Now it asks you to enter the Passcode to continue the process.
  • Click Confirm button to Reset the Network Settings.

Clear the App Cache

If your devices are filled with Temporarily Cache files. Then you must clear all the unwanted data and Files to free up the space to run the application in a better condition. Moreover, While Clearing the Cache your application will automatically get a space to run the content. It is a very simple process. I think it might be different to clear Caches on Android and iOS devices. Here we share the steps for both.

The Steps are: [Android devices]Clear Cache on Android

  • Launch the Setting option on your Android device.
  • Move to the Apps List section to find a Pandora App.
  • Following this choose the storage section.
  • Tap the “Clear Cache” or “Clear Data option”.

Here are the steps for Clear Cache on iPhone:

  • Direct to the Setting option.
  • Press the General option.
  • Select iPhone storage.
  • Now here find the Pandroa App from the list.
  • Atlast, Click the “Offload App Button”. 

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Update the application

If you have an Application with an older version, then you can’t access New Content. In case, you must update it. Still, if you run the application in an outdated version then it will affect by some bugs and Errors. To Avoid these issues Update to the New and Latest version. Furthermore, it comes with many advanced features with tons of amazing content.

Here are the steps:

  • From the device home page.
  • Forward to the setting option.
  • Choose the Pandora app from the App list.
  • Check if any update is available for the Pandora application.
  • If it is available click the Update option to get more features.

Otherwise, simply move to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Search for the Pandora app using a search bar. It will show you that app has any updates remaining. If it is available then you can click the Update option.

Uninstall and Reinstall the App

If you update the application but still the app can’t retrieve then you will totally uninstall the application from your devices. If you uninstall it then errors and Bugs are removed. After a few hours again reinstall the app and sign in with your Existing account.

There are many simple ways available to uninstall the Applications. Once Choose the Pandora app and long-press the app it will show the uninstall option click it to uninstall it. Otherwise, uninstall the app from the Google Play store and App Store.

Once you uninstall the application then again Reinstall it from the respective app store and Now check Whether the Pandora Not Working Error is Cleared.

Clean the Apps running in the background

It will consume lots of space and data while the application is running in the background of the screen. This is one of the issues that your Pandora app is not working correctly. Limited storage space occupation also causes the issues. You must clear it to run the Pandora app without any error.

The Steps are:

  • From the Setting section, Swipe down and Press the About Phone option.
  • Choose the Building Number and press Seven Time to unlock the developer option. 
  • Return Back to the setting screen and choose the Developer options.
  • After that, Click to Choose Running Service to see the Ram Usage for the Other applications.
  • From the list, Choose the application which takes up much space.
  • If the pandora has consumed too much Space then clear it. 

Check Pandora Server

Pandora Not Working occurs on our device. First of all, you checked the Internet Connection. If it is stable then the Pandora Server has getted an error. It is not in our hands, the error will be cleared by the official Customer center. We do one thing, You must rise the complaint that Pandora Server is down to Customer service they will rectify the correction. You must wait until the error will be cleared.

Still, if the Pandora Not Working issues are not cleared then you can try out the Upcoming solutions.

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Restart your device

You can also try this method to clear the issues of the Pandora application. If the app is not working on your device then you can restart your device. Simple and easiest steps to get back out Pandora application. It might be a Chance to solve the problem while restarting the device.

  • On your device move to the setting option.
  • Click the Restart button.
  • It will start restarting.
  • Wait for 10 minutes to restart your device.
  • Don’t power off your device.
  • Once the process is done then you can reopen the application.

Customer Support

This is a Final option to Solve your issues, If you try all the above solutions. But still, you can get your Pandora app on your device. Still, it’s showing some error message on your screen. Atlast, you can contact Pandora Customer Service. You can contact them through a Phone Call or send an Email about your error. They will share the solution guide and follow them according to the exact steps. Or they will come to clear the issues.

The Final Words

In short, we have mentioned the Solution to Fix Pandora Not Working issue. Totally, we have shared Ten possible solutions. I think this guide helped you to solve your application error. Try the methods one by one and then check instantly, whether the error is solved or not. Finally, you choose the option of contacting the customer service. They have an individual Toll Number, You can use it to contact them. Read the above solution and Try out the steps we have included in this article. If you have any related doubts, Let me know in this comment section.