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Everyone has started and grown their sports career during their school and college time when they are a student. We know, how important are sports to Students. And, Students are not able to watch cable TV all the time. So, NFL offers the NFL Sunday Ticket Student, which supports students to watch football games.

NFL Sunday Ticket Student

If you are a student and want to watch the NFL Regional Sunday Afternoon Matches on your TV or mobile, this article will guide you. First, we have to know, where we can purchase the NFL Sunday Ticket for the students. The answer to this question is given in the first topic below…

Where Can I Get NFL Sunday Ticket Student?

Previously, the Sunday Ticket Student is only available on the DirecTV Platform. Now, Youtube TV also offers the Sunday Ticket Student on its platform. So, now, you can get the NFL Sunday Ticket on;

  1. YouTube TV
  2. DirecTV

On these three platforms, you can get the NFL Sunday Ticket Student as an add-on. If you want to know the cost of the NFL Sunday Ticket Subscription on these platforms, please check the upcoming section. Also, you can Jailbreak NFL Sunday Ticket on Firestick. Click to learn more about it.

NFL Sunday Ticket Student Pricing

As I have mentioned in the above section, the NFL Sunday Ticket Student package is available on DirecTV, YouTube TV, and YouTube. The NFL Sunday Ticket is not attached to the regular plans, you have to purchase it separately. So, check the Sunday Ticket cost of these platforms in the following;


DirecTV is a popular Satellite Television Provider. It has four different packages to watch live tv channels and on-demand videos on its platform. Additionally, it offers the students to get the NFL Sunday Ticket Student. And it costs;

  • $64.99/ Mo

This subscription cost is guaranteed for 2 years. And it is valid for 24 Months. Included the Taxes and Fees.

YouTube TV

The NFL Sunday Ticket Student Subscription cost varies for YouTube and YouTube TV. The cost is mentioned in the image below. Check it out right now.

NFL Sunday Ticket Student on YouTube TV and YouTube

Here it is. You can clearly see the difference between the features of NFL Sunday Ticket Student features for the two packages. Choose the best one. And, you have to keep three things as preferred to watch the NFL Sunday Ticket on your TV. They are;

  • First, you need a Standalone subscription package on YouTube TV. And the bundle must offer More than 100 Live TV Channels. Such as NBC, ABC, FOX, CBS, and ESPN. 
  • And, your Streaming device must connect with the Stable and High-Speed Wi-Fi Internet Connection. It requires a 7+ Mbps connection. At least, you need a 3+ Mbps Connection. 
  • Then, you have to stream YouTube TV or Youtube with its Supported/ Compatible Streaming Devices. This means the devices which have YouTube TV and YouTube on their official App Stores.

In case, the app is not available at the official app store, you can access the YouTube TV Official Website by using the Web Browser on your device. If you want to stream the NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube, search and sign in with your user account credentials. If you want the step-by-step instructions to Watch NFL Sunday Ticket on Youtube TV, proceed to this linked article.

Who is Eligible for NFL Sunday Ticket Student?

If you are trying to purchase the Sunday Ticket Package, the National Football League always does not miss to check the eligibility. The first thing is, You are not Registered in the Eligible University. It does not allow you to Bring In the features of this discount. And, if you are looking for Discounts, then, you must be a student of an Approved School. Also, you need a Valid School Email Address. 

If you want to check your Eligibility to purchase the NFL Sunday Ticket Student, visit the Official NFL Sunday Ticket Website. Is there any issue, you have to Upload the required documents to verify that you are an enrolled student currently.

Is NFL RedZone Available Without NFL Sunday Ticket?

Yes, you can. Without the NFL Sunday Ticket, you can watch the NFL RedZone by subscribing to some paid streaming services. They are; Sling TV, Hulu Plus Live TV, Fubo TV, or YouTube TV. If you need an NFL Sunday Ticket Student, go to the YouTube TV Subscription and Purchase it.


The NFL Sunday Ticket Student has a deal. And the Students have a Limitation to watch the Games. They are allowed to stream One Game at a time. Also, you can not be able to share this Sunday Ticket deal with your friends and Families. And the subscription is last for the current season.

If this season gets completed, you will be automatically directed to an automatic renewal process for the upcoming seasons. Also, it allows its users to Cancel the Subscription at any time. You will get a refund before the season starts. You can watch the NFL Sunday Ticket on all streaming devices such as Android, iOS, Browser, Smart TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

1). Can Students Get NFL Sunday Tickets?

Yes, they can. 2 – 4 years of University Program enrolled students are all eligible to get the NFL Sunday Ticket for a Student pass.

2). How much is the NFL Sunday Ticket student discount?

So, if you are an NFL Fan, then you can get the Student pass on the NFL Sunday Ticket. If you are looking for a discount, here is the information. The NFL Sunday Ticket Monthly Discount cost is $29.99/ Monthly. It is applicable for the first four months. Totally the charge is $119.96 for the NFL Regular Season.