How To Connect Laptop to Vizio Smart TV Wirelessly?

Streaming anything on Smart TV is the best choice over Laptop. Through Vizio Smart TV, you can stream your desired movies and series with larger screens and a good sound system. Moreover, Smart TV replaces the place theatre as it provides all the effects through it. I prefer Vizio Smart TV is an amazing choice as it is the best in all the way. And so connect the laptop to Smart TV wirelessly using the applications and Chrome extensions. To use the wireless procedure, you need not have cables as it permits you to mirror the laptop’s screen and stream desired movies and series. The following guide provides a few procedures to connect the laptop to Vizio Smart TV wirelessly.

How To Connect Laptop to Vizio Smart TV Wirelessly

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Steps to Connect the laptop to Vizio Smart TV wirelessly

Procedure 1: Connect through Chromecast

Watch your desired movies using Chromecast. Through Chromecast, you can connect the laptop to Smart TV wirelessly and watch your desired movies and series. And before starting the procedure, you should update the new Google Chrome, and then you should have Chromecast.

  • Launch Chrome browser on Laptop.
  • And now, go to any website which is supported by Chromecast. So you can launch Netflix, YouTube, or some other websites which are accessible to watch through Smart TV.
  • By tapping on the cast icon, you can cast and stream your desired movies and shows wirelessly. Moreover, you can use a laptop even while casting.

Procedure 2: Connect through Wireless HDMI

If using cables to attach a laptop to a Smart TV is not so much convenient, then go for the wireless HDMI as it is the best way. Using wireless HDMI, you can get good-quality video content and speed. Moreover, you need not utilize any big cords to fix it. The following steps show you to connect the laptop to a Smart TV through wireless HDMI. Nyrius Aries Prime is one of the best Wireless HDMI

Steps to connect a laptop to Vizio Smart TV  wirelessly through Nyrius Aries Prime Wireless HDMI

Connect Laptop to Vizio Smart TV Wirelessly

  • First of all, connect the laptop to the accessible USB port and then check whether the connection is good to function.
  • Now, connect Vizio Smart TV to start streaming, and to do this requires no installation process.

Procedure 3: Connect through Miracast to connect a laptop to Vizio Smart TV wirelessly

Miracast is the wireless technology that helps to monitor your display on TVs, monitors, and to other devices which also helps Miracast. People can stream movies, can present a PowerPoint presentation, and play a game. In case your laptop doesn’t have Miracast, then update the drivers, or you are supposed to buy one.

connect laptop to vizio smart tv wirelessly

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Steps to connect a laptop to Vizio Smart TV wirelessly through Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter

  • Select devices and then tap on Project.
  • Choose to Add a Wireless display and select between the devices which are displayed.
  • And now, choose one device and tap on Project.
  • Choose the second screen and then select anyone from the settings option.

Procedure 4: Fix through Steam Link

Furthermore, if you would like to play games on a bigger screen, then Steam Link is the best choice.

Steps to connect a laptop to Vizio Smart TV through Steam Link

  • Open Steam on your laptop and the login into it.
  • And now, connect it to Smart TV and home network.
  • Now, connect the Steam Link to the laptop.

Method 5: Fix Via Plex:


The Plex works the same as the Chromecast. It has a media server software that you have to need to download on your Laptop to get started. You can’t use this application for screen mirroring directly. For the further process, you have to need more feature things for casting. The features must include live recording and offline storage.

  • Download the Plex app on your Vizio Smart Tv.
  • And click the V button from the remote. Suppose you have to older model Tv without a V button. Then you have to use another method to install the Plex application on your Vizio Smart TV.
  • Enter the information into the app.
  • If the application is logged into the account, then you will get permission to access all plex content on your Vizio SmartTV.

Method 6: Fix through SmartPhone:


Most smartphones have the feature to cast the screen to the other device. Use this option to cast your favorite content to the Smart TV. Click the SmartView option and see the list of available devices near you. Then you have to select your device name and pair up the device. Once the device is connected, then you have to stream all your favorite movies. The procedure to merge your smartphone differs from one brand to another model.

Trick 7: Fix by using Airplay Method:

Apple Laptop

Here, we are going to mention the steps to connect the Apple laptop to the Vizio Smart TV by using the Airplay method.

  • Launch the application you want to watch onto the smart TV.
  • See the Airplay button on the screen. Click it.
  • From the Available device list, choose your device name.  And pair it.
  • Then it starts mirroring onto the smart TV.

Final Thoughts

As you could have tried watching your favorite content on a smaller screen, you can use Vizio Smart TV to enjoy anything on a bigger screen. We hope this article will help you in connecting the laptop to Vizio Smart TV wirelessly.

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