How to Watch Paramount Plus on Roku? 76th Tony Awards

Paramount Plus is the best entertainment source and it has unlimited shows, programs, and New events. On the way, now you can get to see the 2022-2023 Season Broadway achievement awards named Tony Awards on this Paramount Plus service. At the same time, you can see all the amazing content on this service. Moreover, it is available on Roku streaming devices. Need a detailed procedure on How to Watch Paramount Plus on Roku. We will share all its related information in this article. Come on Let’s Get into the article and know all the information.

How to Watch Paramount Plus on Roku

Is Paramount Plus on Roku?

Fortunately, the Paramount Plus network was available on Roku. You can get this Paramount Plus service from the in-built Roku Channel Store. Also, it is required that you screen mirror the Paramount Plus on your Roku device. You can get the direct installation and Screen Mirroring method in the following space.

What are the Features of Paramount Plus?

Paramount Plus had many advantages in its service to impress its users. The benefits are given below.

  • Live TV > The Paramount Plus allows us to watch Live TV Channels.
  • TV Schedule > Also, you can check the TV schedule of your favorite television channel.
  • Favorite Stars > You can filter the programs sorted by your favorite stars.
  • Stories and Brands > The stories and brands’ content is also included in the Paramount Plus service.
  • Stellar Originals > Paramount Plus allows us to enjoy the Stellar Originals on its site.
  • Exclusive Premiers > You can also stream the Exclusive Premiers on the Paramount Plus service.
  • Hit Movies > It permits us to watch the most popular movies and famous programs on this platform.
  • Best TV > most famous and best Television Channel is also available on the Paramount site.

The few benefits and highlights of Paramount Plus were mentioned in the above space. To obtain more in Paramount Plus, you can install it on your streaming device and experience it.

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How much does Paramount Plus Cost?

Paramount Plus is a subscription service you can’t access any live content without its subscription. There are two different types of packages offered by Paramount Plus. Moreover, this service offers Live Channels, Sports, News, and other on-demand content. Among two you can select any of the packages according to your choice to watch all the events and shows.

Paramount Plus subscription

How to Watch Paramount Plus on Roku?


As discussed above, the Paramount Plus app is available and supports the Roku streaming device server. You can get this directly from the respective App Store on your device.

?Step 1: Insert Roku device. 

First and foremost, you have to merge your Roku streaming device into your Smart TV USB console.

?Step 2: Internet source.

Then connect your both devices with a similar network connection.

?Step 3: Home Screen.

Take off your Roku device’s controller and press the Home Button to go to the home page of your Roku device.

?Step 4: Streaming Channels.

Here you have to go with the Streaming Channels option in the menu bar.

Roku Streaming Channels

?Step 5: Search Channels.

Head towards the Search Channels option at the list of Streaming channels option.

?Step 6: Search.

Type Paramount Plus in the required search space. Then hit search to get the app on your device.

Search for Paramount Plus on Roku

?Step 7: Add Channel.

Pick out the essential Paramount Plus app from the search suggestion and tap on the Add Channel on the Roku Channel Store page.

?Step 8: Open.

After installing it on your Roku device, you have to unwrap this service from its Apps and Games section.

?Step 9: Login.

Tap on the Sign In option given on the home page of the Paramount Plus app by using your login credentials.

Initiate streaming your favorite content in the Paramount Plus app on your Roku TV or Device.

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Activate your Paramount Plus on Roku

In case you have a Paramount Plus account once you install the app on your Roku device. So you can activate the Paramount Plus account on your Roku device excluding your mail address and password to access from the remote control.

  1. Launch the Paramount Plus app from your Roku device.
  2. Choose the Login option on the official page.
  3. Pick the On the Web option in order to sign in.
  4. Write down the five-digit code that appeared on the screen.
  5. Navigate to the official site from your browser.
  6. Now register the code on the respective field.
  7. Further, log into the Paramount Plus account on your Roku.

Alternative Way:

Enable Screen Mirroring on Roku:

Go after the methods we have mentioned in the given topic in this article. The steps are:

?Step 1: ( Insert Roku )

First and foremost, insert your Roku device with your Smart TV USB port.

?Step 2: ( Internet Connection )

You have to bind Roku and Smart TV with the same Wi-Fi connection.

?Step 3: ( Settings )

Then take your Roku device controller and move to the settings section on your Roku device.

Roku device Settings

?Step 4: ( System )

In the settings menu, you want to click on the System section.

vlc on roku system

?Step 5: ( Screen Mirroring )

Head towards the Screen Mirroring category in the first position from the given list on-screen.

roku device screen mirroring

?Step 6: ( Screen Mirroring Mode )

Then move towards the right side of the on-screen, and tap the Screen Mirroring Mode option to move on to the next step.

Roku Screen Mirroring Mode

?Step 7: ( Prompt / Always Allow )

We have to go along with the Prompt or Always Allow category to Turn On the Screen Mirroring mode.

Screen Mirroring Mode

We have completed the requisition method for the screen mirroring option on your Roku device. It would be best to start casting the Paramount Plus screen on your Smart TV display.

Cast Paramount Plus on Roku using an Android device:

We have to use our Smartphone to screen mirror the Paramount Plus screen on your Smart TV device. Let us start the procedure:

?Step 1: ( Connect Wi-Fi )

Bind your Android Phone and Roku device with a similar Wi-Fi network connection.

?Step 2: ( Web Browser )

The Web Browser was in-built into your Android device, and you have to open it.

?Step 3: ( Search Paramount Plus )

Tap the search icon at the top screen of the Web Browser home page and search for Paramount Plus in the given search section.

?Step 4: ( Open )

Now, pick the required Paramount Plus app from the search result and hit it to get it to open on your Android device.

?Step 5: ( Play Content )

On the home page of the Paramount Plus official website, you have to choose any of your favorite content and play it on your Android screen.

?Step 6: ( Cast )

Tap on the cast symbol on the video streaming screen.

Cast icon

?Step 7: ( Choose the Roku Device )

After clicking on the Cast symbol, your Android device starts scanning for the streaming devices, and you have to tap the Roku device at the visual window.

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76th Tony Awards in Paramount Plus on Roku

This 76th Tony Award honors the achievement of Broadway talent and the Nominees are announced on May 2, 2023. Whereas the Nominees are selected by an independent Committee of 40 theater Professionals. And only a limited of tickets were sold on You missed buying the tickets to watch the ceremony live. Then No problem we have a solution to watch this event live on CBS and Pluto Tv service. Other than that, the Paramount Plus service has offered an option to stream On-demand content.

The CBS Channel has telecast the event from 8:00-11:00 PM and the Pluto TV broadcast the events from 6:30-8:00 PM. Let’s join this celebration and know the winners of the Tony Awards. We suggest you can use Paramount Plus to stream this event on on-demands. Suppose you have an existing subscription then don’t worry you can stream live. In case, you are a New user then you can start a free trial of Paramount Plus to watch its content at a free cost.

The End Notes:

We have completed providing the required information about the Paramount Plus streaming service in this article. In this article, we have mentioned two kinds of streaming methods of Paramount Plus on Roku devices.

If you need any more information about this content, kindly share it with us in the comment box. We reply to your messages and clarify your doubts as you get cleared.