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Have you just brought a new Element TV? Then, you have to do some settings to ready your TV to watch the channels. To watch the cable or Airing TV channels, you have to scan all the available channels on your Cable TV Channel lineup. So, refer to this entire article to learn, How to Run Channel Auto Scan on Element TV. 

How to Run Channel Auto Scan on Element TV?

Element TV has many         TV Models like Android, Fire TV, and Roku in-built Smart TV Models. Each Smart TV model has different Settings options. So, refer to your Smart TV model in the following section and do follow the same steps as I have given in the topic. Let us get right into the article to grab all the required information…

How to Run Channel Auto Scan on Element TV?

  • First, Turn On your Element Smart TV.
  • Then, grab your Element TV Remote.
  • And, click on the Menu Button on the remote.
  • Use the Navigation buttons on the remote.
  • And, click on the Settings page of your Element Smart TV.
  • Now, head to the Channel option from the settings menu.
  • On the Channel page, you can see the list of options on the screen.
  • Navigate to the Auto Scan option and click on it.

Now, the channels which are all available on the Cable and Air are started scanning on your Element TV. This is how you can Run Channel Auto Scan on Element TV. Not all Element TV settings are the same, If your TV settings are not as given in the steps, go to the next topic and try it. Also, you can watch Love Island in France on your Smar TV. Click this link to learn more about it.

Method 2: Autoscan Channel on Element TV

  • Turn On the Smart TV.
  • Grab your Smart TV Remote.
  • Now, tap on the Menu Button on the remote.
  • Then, choose the TV Settings from the menu list.
  • Navigate to the Channel tab and click on it.
  • Once, check out that you can see the “Air” option on the Channel menu list.

Scan Channels

  • Now, choose the Auto Scan option and click on it.

That’s it. You have completed Run Channel Auto Scan in Element TV. Also, the Element TV has many brands with external features in-built. Such as Firestick, Roku, Android, and more like this.

Auto Scan Channel on Element Android TV

If you have an Android Element TV, then here are the steps to let you know, How to Run Channel Auto Scan on Element TV. 

  • Switch On your Android Element TV.
  • Grab the TV Remote.
  • Connect your Android Element TV with a standard Internet Connection.
  • Then, Press the Home Button on your TV Remote.
  • Visit the Android Element TV Inputs Page.

Choose Input

  • There, select the Channels option from the list menu.
  • Now, tap the Menu Button on the remote.
  • Then, click on the Settings option.
  • Locate the Channel Sources on the page.
  • And, Select the Channels tab.
  • Finally, tap on the Cable/ Air option.
  • And then, hit the Auto Scan button.

The Cable and Air channels are all initiated scanning on your Android Element TV. If you are using the Twitch App on your Smart Streaming device, then you can get the Refund Channel Points on Twitch. Tap the link to learn more.

Run Channel Auto Scan on Element Fire TV

Also, the Amazon Firestick features are also in-built into the Element TV. If you are using this model TV, then here are the steps for you;

  • First, Power On your Element Fire TV.
  • Then, Grab the TV Remote and click Home Button.
  • Go to your Smar TV Settings page.
  • And go forward to the Input Section.

Choose Input

  • Now, tap on the Antenna option.
  • Next, select the Channel section and click on it.
  • And, Run Channel Auto Scan on Element TV.

Wait, until the Air and Cable TV Channels are complete scanning on your Element Smart TV. If the channels are not initiating scanning, please go back to the settings page. And choose the correct input of the Cable TV.

How to Scan Antenna Channels?

If you would looking for a guide to Scanning the Antenna Channels on your Element Smart TV, this topic had an answer for you. Here are the steps;

  • First, go behind your Smart TV.
  • And check once, that the Cable TV or Antenna was Connected in the right input portal.
  • Now, Switch On your Element Smart TV.
  • Then, click the Home Button on your Smart TV remote.
  • Locate the Menu section.
  • Now, Select the Antenna TV option.
  • Read the On-Screen Instructions shown on the screen carefully.
  • Do follow them and Start Finding the Channels.
  • If your Element Smart TV does not figure out the time zone from your Wi-Fi network,
  • Choose your Time Zone on the screen.
  • Now, select Whether to attach Analog 3 and 4 Channels. 

Channel Scanning on Element TV

By being selected for the Analog Channels, It Enables you to Connect with the older Set-top Boxes, Gaming Consoles, and VCRs. After promoting it, wait until the Antenna Channels are scanned on your Smart TV. If you are an Anime lover, then definitely you know about the One Piece Anime Series. Just click this link to watch One Piece From The WATCHOP.


Element TV has more models with different settings options. All model TVs support you to run Autoscan Channels. So, do follow the steps given in this article to learn How to Run Channel Auto Scan on Element TV. All you have to look carefully is, whether the TV Cable or the Antenna is inserted in the correct input gateway on your Smart TV. If it is not connected correctly, you can not be able to scan the channels.

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