How to Play Games on Roku? Game Controller

How to Play Games on Roku? Playing Video games is everyone’s hobby, It gives better Entertainment to people. If you know that Roku device allows you to play games on its device. Many Popular games are available at the Channel Store. You can directly install it on your Roku TV then you can play it.  Here In this article, we are going to share the steps and methods to play games on this Streaming Device. Swipe Down the article to know more additional information.

How to Play Games on Roku

How to Play Games on Roku?

Many games are available on the Roku Channel Store. You can download it and Play on your device. It is easy to get and play the games. Here in this section, we share the steps to download the game from the Roku Channel Store.

The Steps are:

  • Click the Home button Option by using your Roku Remote Controler.

streaming Channel option

  • Choose the “Streaming Channel option”.
  • Press “Game Section”.
  • You can select the game which you need to download on your Roku device. 

How to Play Games on Roku

  • Then Click the “Add Channel option”. 
  • Once the Game is installed you can see it on your Roku App list.

If you get your favorite game on the Roku device then you can play it and enjoy it with your friends and family.

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Steps to Play Games on Roku

You can Play all the games on this device by using the Roku Remote Controller. There is Four arrow button and OK buttons available you can use them to move and play games on the Roku TV. Otherwise, you can pair the game Controller to a Roku TV to play the game much easier.

The steps are:

How to Play Games on Roku

  • From the Roku Home page.

setting option on roku

  • Choose the Setting Option.
  • Click the Game Remote Pairing 2 on the TV screen. 

Once the Roku game Controller is Connected to your device you can remove the Roku Remote batteries, because Roku TV collapses if you use Both the remote and game Controllers to play the game.

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Alternative Way to Play Games on Roku

Gaming Consoles are available in the market You can purchase them and Connect with your Roku TV to play the Game. Not only the Roku games you can also install the game from the respective Console Store to play the games you love. For this process, First, you must choose the Roku TV Compatible consoles. Here we share the steps for the Process.

The Steps are:

  • Initially, you have to connect an Xbox to your Roku TV.
  • Now you can see the gaming Console OS on your Roku TV.
  • After that, The Xbox App Store is available on the screen.
  • Choose it and search for the games you need to Play.
  • Once the game is installed you can play it with the help of an Xbox controller. 

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What are the Popular games Available on Roku TV?

There are many popular games available on the Roku TV. This is the best and most fun entertainment for Everyone out there. Here we have mentioned some of the popular Games that are downloaded directly from the Roku Channel Store and Played on Roku TV without any Restriction. You can choose your favorite game from the lists.

Popular games for Roku TV
Cutest Arcade-Style Platformer: Candy Bear
The Competitive Puzzle Game for All Ages: Match Four
Word Search meets Candy Crush: Word Soup
The Safest Alternative to Day-Trading: Bitcoin Boom
A Puzzle game for the Ages: Pink panther Time Traveler
Practice your poker Face at Home: Poker with Friends
Strangest Alternatives to Asteroids: Pathogen 2
A Forgotten Gem Uncovered: LAbbaye Des Morts
The Original Rouge-Like: Rouge
A Timeless Test of Tactical Skills: Chess Live!


The Final Words

Hence We sum up this article. From the above guide, You can get to know How to play a Game on Roku. We have mentioned the steps to download the game from the Roku Channel Store. In addition, we shared the information that you can use a Roku Remote or Roku Game controller to play the game.  Also, we included an alternative way to play the game by connecting a Gaming Console to the Roku TV. Refer to the above article and If you have any doubts, Let me know in this comment section.