What Channel is the history channel on FiOS? [August 2022]

Nowadays, FiOS is one of the famous TV providers, and it also gives thousands and more channels to its viewers. There are multiple pools of channels presented here. And it isn’t easy to know what channel is the history channel on FiOS. It gives a brief explanation for the channel and is also presented on Fios. In general, the Verizon Fios user mainly knows to watch other best Docu-series, other TV series, and TV shows here.

history channel on FiOS

What is the history channel on FiOS?

The history channel on FiOS is considered one of the most famous American-based channels and gives users popular historical shows. This channel was established on 1980, and the channel is owned by A&E networks, its division with The Walt Disney Company. The channels had different types of features with a wide variety of subjects. These are history, polity and then war.

Furthermore, the channel mainly has some features like history channel on FiOS, which airs with 52 cables and satellite channels—talking about the features of history-related documentaries, series and other films. It presents with channel airs had features History Channel HD channel. And it also had the digital version of that channel.

Eye Catching had 500 hours of programmes, and then it also had the 238 cable satellite channels presented here. This channel mainly had HD programs, and it was more than premium programs.

Is our history channel on FiOS?

Yes, the history channel mainly presents with the FiOS users. And it also gives one of the perfect offers to explore all types of complete history channel on FiOS programs and other lineups with FiOS. Furthermore, it also gives the latest news, premiers, and other originals, all present in a single place. Furthermore, you could easily download favourite shows, and you are also able to watch offline also. The DVR capabilities help you rewind and pause, and you could watch other recorded goodies later. The overwhelming thing is found the channel number here.

What is the Channel Number on History on FiOS?

When you watch the history channel on FiOS with American TV network is presented with Channel number 628 for Verizon FiOS. And the channel number is 128 for SD and then HD quality separate ways; it might be given below.

Channel Name Channel Number
The History Channel  628[HD] and 128[SD]


This channel number quickly changes from one state to another state, and it is based on the current agreements. It presents between the FiOS and then the history channel on FiOS. The specific zip code helps to check the channel number.

Most Popular TV shows on History Channel

Our history channel on FiOS mainly gives more exciting shows and other creating things with the history and other cultures. It presents around the knowledge and then entertainment of learning. It also helps o increase some other viewers, and then the channel is mainly considered one of the most popular television channels worldwide. It had the central part and revealed the six TV shows on your network.


The Alone is considered one of the most popular TV shows, and it helps to watch the history channel on FiOS in more manageable ways. The survival series mainly hit some screens, and it is not like before. The current 8th season presents 10 contestants. You could need to fight to survive in the wilderness on your Chilko Lake in British Colombia and Canada. Most of the contestants were equipped with our camera kit and other few items. They also expect and need to survive in isolation.

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Modern Marvels 

It was a history-based channel, and it also gives the favourite shows with the latest season. He is crisscrossed for some other countries. Then you could be able to celebrate some incredible machines to improve more lives. The global power economy had different types of perspectives. You could easily follow the Adm Richman story. And helps to discover some other machines in incredible ways.

Mountain Men

The latest series and other mountain men might be digging the deep never before. The docu-series consider as 10th season, and it shows different types of aspects for mountain climbers. Mountain men are also ready to make it to tall skies, and another winter loosens start to swell here. You might want to miss some other thing.

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The Curse of Oak Island

This series is mainly hitting the market with some other new series. It already came on the Second of November 2021. Don’t miss other things; then quickly download and then use it.

American Pickers 

Make the recycling process with this country. Please talk about the American Pickers, it was one of the easier missions to ease, and it also reduces some other burdens on your environment. And it mainly means as diving meters then pick other countless pikes of this junk. And then rivers quickly get into the junk.

Cities of Underground

The cities of the underground are considered the docu-series. And you could easily watch them on History TV and other cities underground. Furthermore, this series mainly exposes some other rights beneath your feet. Some cities hide the time, revealing clues, and you quickly rewrite history.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What channel presents on Fox on Verizon FiOS?

617 is the channel number of FiOS.

2. What channel presents on FiOS TV?

You could watch CW, FOX, MyNet, Telemundo, Univision and other History Channel on FiOS.

3. What is the number of History Channel?

The History Channel HD is 269.

4. What happened to History Channel?

The History Channel is known as the rebranded Sky history. You could quickly relaunch with some other new documentaries and other features here. The long-running history channel mainly disappears with other schedules, and you could quickly return to some other exciting things.

Final Words

I hope this passage gives the different types of things about the history channel on FiOS. Choose the History Channel in your FiOS then you can enjoy the streaming services in more accessible ways. And some other popular shows are waiting for you on the History Channel.

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