How to Stream Flixtor on Roku? Updated 2023

Watching free movies and TV shows is the most prominent entertainment for everyone when getting bored. You can stream without any subscription to watch your desired movies or TV shows on compatible devices like Roku. However, we can stream some free downloading sites that are available. Here we going to let you know How to Stream Flixtor on Roku?
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Flixtor is a content engine, and it scours different sources for video streaming links to provide its subscribers. It is one of the tremendous downloading sites for free online movie streaming. This is not a streaming site, and it is an entirely automatic video search engine. It collects the excellent quality videos available on real streaming sites that host the data. Moreover, it is a website to stream its content on your preferred web browser.

Can I Get Flixtor on Roku?

Unfortunately, No. Roku doesn’t have a flixtor app in their channel store because it is a website, so you won’t be able to download it on your Roku device. However, you can screen mirror from your Android, iOS, or desktop device to stream its content on your Roku device using the below steps.

How to Get Flixtor on Roku?

Flixtor is a website, and we won’t be able to add any website on the Roku device so that we can screen mirror the Flixtor on Roku TV from the given steps.

You can download the Flixtor app on your smartphone, Android, or iOS. The screen mirrors the video content from your Roku-connected TV. So follow the below-given procedures to do.

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Pre-Requisites for Android:

From your Roku device, the screen mirroring is disabled. So we need to turn it on by following the below instructions.

  • Switch on your Roku device and TV.
  • Hit the Home icon button from your Roku TV remote.
  • Head to the settings section and choose the System option.
  • Now pick the screen mirroring tab from the System section.
  • Then click on the screen mirroring mode and tap Prompt or Always Allow to turn on.

To Airplay on Roku:

  • Navigate to the settings section and then tap on the Apple Airplay & Homekit.
  • Now pick the Airplay setting under the Apple Airplay & Homekit.
  • Then choose the Airplay to turn on by tapping on it.

The pre-requisition methods to watch the Flixtor streaming service are completed. Now, we have to move into the streaming section of the Flixtor streaming service on your Roku external streaming stick.

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1). How to Screen Mirror Flixtor to Roku TV Via Smartphone?

The Screen Mirroring method is nothing but sharing your mobile screen on your Smart TV screen. Not only the Flixtor content screen, but you can also access all your mobile data on your Smart TV screen.

From Android:

  • From your smartphone, go to the browser.
  • Then find the Flixtor apk on your Android device and tap to download it.
  • Afterthat, pull down the notification panel from your device.
  • Now tap on the screen mirroring or cast icon.
  • It will show you the nearby device and select the Roku device from the list.
  • Now go back to the browser, and you will have a lot of exclusive collections available in the Flixtor.
  • You can choose any content to play, and it will be screen mirroring on your Roku-connected TV.

AirPlay Flixtor on Roku via iOS Device:

  • First, you should enable the screen mirroring settings from your Roku device by following the above steps.
  • Navigate to your preferred browser and download the Flixtor APK file on your iOS device.
  • Then pull down the control center and tap on the screen mirroring icon from the menus.
  • Now it will scan for the nearby devices and then choose the Roku device from the list of menus.

Further, it will be screen mirrored on your iOS device on the Roku screen then you can stream exclusive movies or shows on your Roku TV.

2). How to Screen Mirror Flixtor to Roku by using a PC?

Not only Smartphones but also you can screen mirrors using your Smartphones; your PC computer device also allows you to screen mirror your computer screen on your smart tv. This means you can watch all videos and images on your Computer on your Smart TV display.

  • Make sure to set up your Roku and PC with the same wifi connection.
  • Head to the official website of Flixtor and find your desired movie or TV show.
  • Afterthat, choose the play option.
  • Go to the notification panel and press the connect icon.
  • There it will show you an available device to connect to.
  • Further, start playing the video content, and it will screen mirror your Roku TV.
Flixtor has more than three million movies to stream and can relish your experience of watching your desired movies. I hope the two methods are very easy, and you will get it easy to watch the Flixtor on Roku external streaming device.

Final Verdict:

Flixtor is a free-access platform to stream your desired movie and TV shows. You don’t need any sign-in process or subscriptions to watch. But Flixtor doesn’t have any official app to download. So you cant download it on your Roku TV instead of the screen mirror from a desktop, Android, or tablet. However, you can watch Flixtor from your media player device. Suppose you can’t be able to stream Flixtor on Roku TV; mention them in the comment section. We will respond to you as soon as possible.


1). Can I stream Flixtor on Roku TV?

By enabling the screen mirroring method, you can relish the video content from Android, desktop, and tablet.

2). Is Flixtor safe to stream?

The answer is NO. It is not a legal streaming platform to use. It is an unlawful act in many countries if you watch any of the content from Flixtor.

3). What are the best alternatives for Flixtor?

      • MoviesJoy
      • Popcorn Time
      • Zona
      • Torren TV
      • SubsMovies

4). Can I access Flixter movies?

Obviously, you can watch movies on Flixter by tapping on the Collections tab after you log in to the Ultra violet official site. In case you are using the Flixter app, then tap on the My Movies icon to watch your movies on your compatible device.

5). How to get third-party apps on Roku?

Regrettably, you won’t be able to download any third-party apps since it is not available in the Roku Channel Store.