How to Fix Real Debird Not Working?

Fix Real Debird Not Working: Real Debrid is a distinct file locker service which helps you to ingress uploaded premium files. And also it allows you to download videos and programs. It provides supplemental premium links within numerous streaming applications. By using these links you will get buffer-free and high-quality video. Due to the VPN pairing problem, Real Debrid stuck with the problem.  Sometimes Real Debrid fails to work and if you don’t know how to fix  Real Debrid not working, here is the way for it. 

How to Fix Real Debird Not Working_

If you use an expired premium account, you will be stuck with real Debrid not working issue. For one time assessment, you will get 20 different file hosts and servers. By using this Real Debrid you will see faster and higher quality links. Owing to corrupted Kodi settings, people stuck with Real Debrid not working.

Most people complain about two things.

  • Illegitimate behavior by providing copyrighted content 
  • Limited amount of benefits.

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real debrid

Another problem is Real Debrid costs money. Even though its content has been taken from dodgy file hosters. You can use legitimate streaming services instead of using pay services like Real Debrid. Real Debrid’s services cost $4.64 per month. Real Debrid does not offer any free options. It has a low price value. It includes the platform such as daily motion Vimeo, youtube, and some more.  In this article, we will discuss how to fix the real Debrid not working issue.

Steps to Fix the Real Debrid Not Working Issue: 

  1. From the application or addon causing problem you have to unpaid Real-Debrid 
  2. Close the same application
  3. Detach VPN application
  4. Again Re-launch the application and pair the Real-Debrid account
  5. Restart VPN application and attach to VPN service

How to Fix Real Debird Not Working Issue Using Kodi? 

Kodi is the most used application among others. This will help a lot to the people to stream whatever they want to watch and the below-given steps help to fix the Real Debrid not working.

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  1.   Access Kodi on your device and search for the ‘settings’ option located on the top left corner of the screen.real debrid 2. Choose ‘system settings’.

          3. On the left bottom of the page find basic and keep clicking it until change “advanced.real debrid

      4. Pick “addons” from the sidebar 

      5. Choose “ Manage dependencies” on the right side.

fix real debrid not working

         6. Scroll down the screen to find “ URL resolver.” 

        7. By the following screen choose the “configure” option.

Real debrid

       8. From the pop up on the screen and pick “universal Resolvers.” 

       9. Scroll your screen for while to get the “Real Debrid” section, click “priority” in this section.

       10. Use the mouse or cursor to enter the exact value go and choose the “done” option.

       11. Click the “ok” button on the right

      12. Tap “configure” once again 

      13. Again choose “ universal resolvers” and one more time scroll the screen to get “Real-Debrid.”

real debrid

        14. Choose “Reauthorize” my account.

        15. Now you will receive a code on your screen. 

fix real debrid not working

        16. You have to enter it to “

fix real debrid not working

         17. You are supposed to enter the correct code within 120 seconds.

Direct addon Real Debrid not working 

If you use custom skin, the above-given steps will not work out for you to resolve the proxy. Because the resolvers settings and menus may be different. In that case, use the below-given steps to fix the Real Debrid not working error.

  • Access Kodi
  • Select and click “Tools”.

fix real debrid not working

  • Move to settings and then navigate “accounts” 
  • Scroll the screen to get “Debrid service.” 
  • Tap “URL Resolver / Resolve URL settings”.
  • Tap the “Reset function” cache option.

Wrapping up

Real Debrid assists you to get all premium files. If you use real Debrid, you will get unlimited traffic services. You can stream anything in full HD and SD quality. We hope this article will help you to fix the Real Debrid not working error.  

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