How to Disable NVIDIA Overlay? Easy Guide

GeForce Experience is the software that was created by NVIDIA. And this helps in operating any gaming option on the window. Usually, this software is installed on Windows accompanied by a GTX graphics card onboard. But not every Windows user seeks the gaming experience as GeForce Experience is not that essential. So you can disable NVIDIA overlay.

How to Disable NVIDIA Overlay

NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience:

Games are the favorites of everyone as people love to play with full interest. Everyone would like to have some snaps of their playing moments. Using NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience Share In-game Overlay, you are able to save the complete gameplay. But the most uncomfortable thing about this is that you will receive a notification whenever you open any kind of game. And if you wish to disable NVIDIA Overlay on the tool, follow the below-given methods.


NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience Share In-game Overlay is the best method that is useful to YouTube gamers, game bloggers, and video game broadcasters. This is the best characteristic where you can record your complete gameplay, take screenshots, and also you can send your records to your friends.¬†

Also, the recent version of NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience generates many features like Gallery, Instant Reply, In-Game Share Overlay, recording, broadcast, notifications, keyboard shortcuts, and much more. Maybe the features are helpful for gamers but it consumes so much memory if it works in the background.

How to Disable Experience Share In-game Overlay?

1- Launch the GeForce Experience application or else you can press the keys Alt+ Z using the keyboard.


2- Select the settings option.

3- Switch off the share toggle option which appears beneath the General tab and this helps to disable the NVIDIA Overlay.


In other very few devices, the name  NVIDIA Overlay appears as In-Game Overlay.

The feature of disabling NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience Share In-game Overlay is also known as NVIDIA Shadow play. Even after disabling you could find some of the overlay icons on the games and these are considered the Instant Reply and Status Overlay icons.

How to Disable NVIDIA Overlay Icons?

There are two alternatives for disabling Overlay icons, one is to disable icons and another is an instant replay.

Steps to Disable Overlay icons and Disable Instant Replay:

  • Launch the GeForce Experience application.
  • Select the Share button.

Disable NVIDIA Overlay

  • Go to the next page and select the Instant Replay icon and click Turn Off.

 Disable NVIDIA Overlay

  • Now, your screen displays a pop-up message that the Instant Replay option is turned off.

So now the settings would have been changed from the previous one to the new one for all games. It stays the same for all the games till you re-enable the option.

Steps to Disable Overlay icons and enable Instant Replay:

  • First, press Alt+Z.
  • Select the Preferences option.

Disable NVIDIA Overlay

  • Click Overlays.
  • Go to the next page and select the Status Indicator button, and then select off.


Once you have completed the above-given process, then you don’t get any irritating Overlay icons while playing games.

Steps to Turn Off NVIDIA Overlay of Share Notification:

If You are a VVIDIA Graphics Card user. Then the notification always says that click Alt+Z to share the Gameplay. Whenever you open the Video game NVIDIA is ask you to share the Game. If you need to off the Notification on the Share overlay. Then you should follow the upcoming points.

  • launch the Share Overlay by clicking the buttons of the Alt+Z keys. Otherwise, open the Geforce experience application and press the share icon it is placed on the left of the setting gear icon.
  • Choose the Preference icon on the screen.
  • Swipe down to search for the notification icon and click it.
  • Fix the Open and close Share Overlay to turn off the notification.

How Can I switch Off ShadowPlay?

We are going to mention the steps to Switch off Shadow Play.

  • Launch the Share Overlay option and move to the preferences button.
  • Swipe down to find the Overlay option and select it.
  • Direct to the status Indicator and press the off button.
  • Atlast, the icon on the bottom right of your Game screen will vanish immediately.

How to Close Off the Geforce Overlay in a Single Game?

If you need to turn off the Geforce Overlay in that game. Then you have to follow the upcoming steps to disable that.

  • Initally, you have to click the Right button to select the Nivisa icon in your Taskbar and choose the Geforce Experience.
  • If it opens and select the Gear Icon.
  • After that, click the Game and app symbol.
  • At this stage, you should choose the history of the game. If you need to delete from the Geforce Experience.
  • Press the Remove button.
  • Then Move to the game history section and rename the file temporarily.
  • Return back to the Geoforce experience and press the scan Now option.
  • Atlast, it will automatically add New Games and Applications.

The Process of removing the game from the Geforce Experience has been down and the Overlay is not able to stay longer you can activate the game manually. After that, you should write the name of the folder to its original name of the folder.


Gaming with Overlay icons brings the best experience but at the same time, it displays unwanted icons too. To enjoy the game, you have to Disable NVIDIA Overlay because it brings interruption while playing. We hope this article will help you.