How to Get DeathStar IPTV on Kodi? Is it Safe? [FireStick]

With advancements in tech, live TV can be now watched on any device with an internet connection, using IPTV services. As there are many prime IPTV service providers like Netflix, Hulu, etc., this live-streaming platform boomed. But not all IPTV services are free to stream and available on all devices. DeathStart IPTV is a free live TV provider easily accessible on your FireStick application Kodi. To add DeathStar IPTV as an Add-on for your Kodi app, read this article and know the steps.

Can I Get DeathStar IPTV on FireStick?

Yes, With the help of the Kodi media player on your FireStick you can easily get the DeathStar IPTV added to your FireStick. You can catch up on the latest live TV programs, movies and sports events live on your FireStick device-connected Smart TV.

How to Get DeathStar IPTV on Kodi?

DeathStar IPTV

DeathStar IPTV offers you live TV channels with on-demand content, TV shows, Music, Sports, and more entertainment. You might have not yet heard about DeathStar IPTV

, but there will be a time when you want it on your FireStick. DeathStar IPTV has been developed with a collaboration of 11 developers, you can use it to access multiple add-ons from one place. To get this service on your Kodi media player as an add-on follow the steps provided here.

Enable Unknown Sources on Kodi:

To get third-party add-ons on your Kodi media player you need to enable this option. You can find it in your Kodi Settings. If you are new to using the Kodi application, you can follow the simple steps given here.

  • Go to the Kodi app on your FireStick and open its Settings Menu.
  • Select System Settings and navigate to the Add-ons section.

Kodi Unknown Sources

  • Find the Unknown Sources option and toggle the turn off/on the button to enable it.
  • Continue with Yes on the pop-up menu.

Install DeathStar on Kodi:

Now you have access to Unknown sources on your Kodi app, it is time to move on with the DeathStar Addon installation process. The process that’s going to be discussed now can be used to install any third-party add-on on your Kodi media player.

NOTE: You need to have the URL for the DeathStar Add-on from a reliable source to safeguard your personal informations.

  • Go back to the Kodi Setting menu and select File Manager.
  • Now go to Add source option and select <None> option.

Kodi add file source

  • Enter the URL of DeathStar IPTV in the text box and press Ok.
  • Give a name for the media source and make it easily identifiable and press Ok.
  • Move back to your Kodi menu and select the Add-ons option.

kodi addon

  • Click on the open box icon resembling Package Installer.
  • Select Install from the Zip file option and find the media sources and press Ok.
  • Tap on the Zip file and press Ok and you will be guided back to the last previous page.
  • Wait till the add-on installation notification pops up and tap on Install from the repository.
  • Go to the DeathStar IPTV repository and select the Video add-ons option.

DeathStar Kodi Install

  • Find the DeathStar IPTV add-on and select the Install option.

After this step, you will get a notification for the DeathStar IPTV installation process on your Kodi media player.

How to Update DeathStar on Kodi?

Since DeathStar has many developers collaborating, there will be many updates in a short amount of time. These updates will clear off the bugs and make it more seamless to stream your favorite content. To update the DeathStar IPTV to its latest version on your Kodi media player follow the steps carefully,

NOTE: Kodi automatically updates its add-ons to its latest version. But sometime you need to update them manually.

  • Get it from the Kodi menu and select the Add-ons option.
  • Choose the DeathStar add-on and open its information page.
  • Here you need to click on Update and choose the latest version to manually update the DeathStar IPTV add-on on Kodi.

Is DeathStar IPTV Safe?

When you use the DeathStar IPTV services on Kodi, it is visible on your ISP and Government. This also means other third parties can tamper with your information from your FireStick. Since it is a new add-on there might be duplicate apps that can be used to extract your information from your device. You can stop this from happening by simply using a VPN.

How to Know More About DeathStar IPTV?

Go to the Kodi app on your FireStick with the DeathStar IPTV add-on installed on it. Now access the Add-on and go to the Latest News and Updates option to get a pop-up window. You can find all the information you need on the DeathStar IPTV like Current Status, Issues, Team Number, Addon Number, and more.


You have now successfully got the DeathStar IPTV on your Kodi media player at FireStick. Sit back and watch all your favorite content available at DeathStar IPTV on your Big Screen with the help of Kodi Media Player. You can also get this IPTV service on your Android devices by enabling third-party app installation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Uninstall DeathStar add-on from Kodi?

Go to the add-ons section on your Kodi media player and go to the Video add-ons. Go to the DeathStar information page and tap on Uninstall and press yes two times. This will Uninstall DeathStar from Kodi.

What are the Best Alternatives for DeathStar Add-on on Kodi?

Covenant, Venom, The Crew, Exodus Redux, Magic Dragon, and Pyramid are some of the best alternatives for the DeathStar Add-on on your Kodi media Player.

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