10 Best Linux IPTV: Features | Reviews | Installation

IPTVs are more popular and it offers to stream many on-demand and live TV content on your screen. If you are a cord cutter, then get to know the Best Linux IPTV and everything you need to know through this guide. There are lots of IPTVs available to stream either free or paid services. Get to know which is best for streaming on Linux.

What is IPTV?

Internet Protocol television which is popularly known as IPTV is a streaming media of any television content over the networks of internet protocol (IP). IPTV streams the content of media from television without any interruption through client media players continuously.

It delivers media content through a set of boxes with high-speed internet access. Though it uses internet protocol it has unlimited streaming from internet television. IPTV is a subscriber-based telecommunication network for all corporate and private media networks.

There are some IPTV players which has the best features and are mostly considered as Best IPTV for Linux

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Best Linux IPTV
Best IPTV For Linux

What is Linux?

Linux is popular operating software. It is similar to Windows, Mac OS, etc. Linux is used everywhere like android, cars, refrigerators, televisions, share markets, laptops,s and more. Linux runs most of the internet services.

It is the most reliable and secure operating system. If you are facing issues like malware, crashes, viruses, repairs, slowdowns, etc, you can use Linux to overcome these issues. The most important advantage is it is free of cost.

In the following article let’s discuss the best IPTV

for Linux.

Best Linux IPTV:

IPTV has given us the option of watching our favorite content on our smartphones instead of on television sets. You can enjoy IPTV through Linux with some best media players. There are plenty of options available which are discussed below.

  1. FreeTUXTV
  2. VLC
  3. Miro
  4. Kodi
  5. IPTVx
  6. Ubuntu TV
  7. IPTVnator
  8. tvheadend
  9. ottPlayer
  10. IPTV Smarters Pro

1. FreeTUXTV:

Best Linux IPTV

FreeTUXTV is one of the best options for viewing IPTV for Linux users. It can stream live Tv shows and movies. You can also record movies and shows.  

Installation process:

  1. On your Linux system open your browser.
  2. Now search FreeTUXTV and download the application.
  3. Now select the M3U playlist which you wish to watch.
  4. Then open the downloaded FreeTUXTV app on your Linux system.
  5. Now search and click the URL.
  6. Now you can stream your favorite channels.

2. VLC is Best Linux IPTV

Best Linux IPTV

Another most used option for the best IPTV for LINUX is VLC. It is a very commonly used open-source media player. It is also used in LINUX also.  Like to Know How to VLC Player on Firestick/Fire TV?

Installation process:   

  1. First of all search on your browser for https://www.videolan.org/vlc/download-ubuntu.html.
  2. Now download the VLC file.
  3. Then start the installation process.
  4. After installation is over open the app.
  5. Now you will find the homepage.
  6. Then click the media option.
  7. Now select the option Open Network Streams.
  8. After this, you can able to see the search bar.
  9. Now on the search bar type the media content which you wish to watch.
  10. Then Tap plays to enjoy streaming.

3. Miro is Best Linux IPTV

Best Linux IPTV

Micro is also a very good option for the best IPTV for Linux. It can also download the content you want to watch. It has very good HD-quality streaming.

The best part is it supports all the video formats through which you can enjoy streaming without any disturbances.

Installation process:

  1. On your Linux system browser search for the Url “http://www.getmicro.com”
  2. Now find and download the file on the page.
  3. Then complete the installation process.
  4. Wait until the installation is complete.
  5. Now open the app on your Linux system.
  6. Then search and type the URL which you wish to watch.
  7. Soon search list will be displayed.
  8. Select the list which you want to stream.

4. Kodi for Best Linux IPTV:

Best Linux IPTV

Kodi is similar to VLC Media Player and it is the best alternative option to a local media player and also an IPTV for Linux. However, it offers many exclusive features to the users. Also, you can add things like third-party integration, developer support, community, m3u URL support, etc.

Highlights of Kodi:

  • User-friendly and using the URL to the content.
  • Choose the play button to watch your favorite TV shows.
  • Kodi is highly customizable that lets the users add or remove features as per their needs.
  • You can get a variety of skins in case you are bored under the default dark theme.
  • Developers simultaneously update their work in order to fix the bugs to let them a better experience.


  • To record the PVR add-on shows to use even the Kodi doesn’t offers a built-in recording option.
  • You can use Kodi on various platforms excluding losing data. In case you can get the devices along with various OS including Windows or macOS.


  • There are some complaints about the UI as not user-friendly when compared to app competitors.

5. IPTVx is Best Linux IPTV

Best Linux IPTV

In case you would like to watch content and you are looking for the software you are using Linux. However, it has the best-featured app available with your TV guide like TV shows, hidden channels, and so on. It has a big community and also freemium software that access the app for free without any subscription required. Also, you can upgrade its service to premium in order to get access to additional features.


  • Users can able to watch all the channels along with a live screen.
  • Hidden channels help to maintain privacy to a longer extent.
  • Every popular video formats are compatible with Linux.
  • Force reload the playlist to save time.


  • It has parental controls that let users monitor safely and control their child by watching some content.
  • Syncs with all kinds of iOS devices including Linux.


  • Providers remove some content from your playlist excluding the permission.

6. Ubuntu TV

Best IPTV for Linux

Ubuntu TV is a customized app for Linux users and diminishes the other internet protocol televisions. However, it is best for its interface and is easy to use even if you are not a well-known person in technology. Besides, this app is free and you can use the IPTV feature in order to watch all the media content without hassle.


  • You can record your desired media content when they have a busy schedule to watch the live streams.
  • Users can also able to add links from local m3u playlists to stream content to watch them later.
  • Users can look for the shows or content that they want to search for.


  • It has a vast variety to air as a default option to browse the content you want.
  • It is easy to use so even without any knowledge about technology people also can use it.


  • Unfortunately, the developer has stopped this product without finishing them completely so you won’t able to get any new updates further.

7. IPTVnator is Best Linux IPTV

Best Linux IPTV

It is certainly supported with IPTV lists such as m3u and m3u8. Many peoples don’t know about Electron for some reason though. This app is a user-friendly interface and also includes a TV guide, TV file or catch-up, and so on.


  • It offers an HTML video player based on the player along with hls.js or video.js support.
  • You can also add remote playlists to help with URLs.
  • Playlists are auto-updated and re-fetched to make time-efficient software.


  • Add custom user agent headers.
  • Offers light and dark themes to let the users stream according to their choice.


  • Sometimes you may be interrupted by a bug that destroys the font cache files and it would make the system crash.

8. tvheadend is best Linux IPTV

TV Headend

tvheadend is also one of the best choices to stream videos and also offers a recording. Also, you can watch it via the web interface after installing the app. In case you have a web browser then enter into the https://[your ip]: 9981.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Install the app and get to stream like a web interface.

9. ottPlayer

OTT Player

Finally, ottPlayer is also one of the best Linux IPTV and it offers a user-friendly interface along with the best features. However, the dark screen never hurts your eyesight even if you are watching continuously at night. Regardless, it offers different media formats with both audio and video content.

10. IPTV Smaters ProIPTV Smarters Pro

This is the best and most good choice for Linux IPTV and it lets you stream much premium software. Above all, it has many enormous features including catch-up TV content, can record to watch later, etc. Moreover, it supports many devices such as Windows, Android Smart TVs, Smartphones, and Tablets. In addition, you can set a password in order to protect your account without losing any data with high-end security.


You can enjoy IPTV with Linux with more options. It is very cost-effective. It is very simple and has the best media players. So what are you waiting for to know the best Linux IPTV? Get to know everything through the above guide. If you have any queries regarding it mention them using the comment box.

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