How to Watch Apple TV on Android? [ Working Method in 2022 ]

Apple TV is one of the top streaming platforms worldwide. So, I am here to explain How to Watch Apple TV on Android? You can also watch the Apple TV content on your Android Smartphone device. If you have Android TV, there also the Apple TV device is available. Read the full content to get the ideas and the methods to watch the Apple TV content on Android.

How to Watch Apple TV on Android All the Ways 2022

Here I have given you the two methods to watch the Apple TV on Android. Also, you can check out the Apple TV availability on Android TVs. And I have given you a short note about the respective tv app.


Its formerly called as Apple TV+, and it is a Streaming Service from Apple Inc. It Characteristics the Apple Original Movies and Shows, from a few of the production’s high talent exclusively on your Apple TV streaming platform. You can access the Apple TV+ from the Apple TV app and the respective official site

Is Apple TV on Android?

Yes, the Apple TV streaming platform was available on Android. But no Apple TV was available, and only the official site could be allowed to access on available Google devices.

You can only access the Apple TV+ streaming service on your Android through the chosen TV official site. In the following sections, you can learn how to watch Apple TV on Android.

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How to Watch Apple TV on Android?

As I have explained in the previous section on your device, you have to watch the respective television streaming contents on your Google device through the official site of the taken TV app. Here refer to the steps:

Follow the Instrcutions to Get Apple TV on Android:


  • Initially, you need to unlock your Android device and turn on the mobile data of your Android. Or you can also connect your Android device with a high-speed Wi-Fi connection.


  • If any tabs are active on your Android device screen, click on the home button given on the bottom middle space on the Android device. 


  • Then, you have in-built Web browser apps such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or any other internet browsing app on Android. Click on the app icon.


  • After opening the web browser on your Android device screen, you need to tap on the search URL on the web browser screen. 


  • Type as ” Apple TV ” in the given search URL link space on the Web Browser app on your Android device screen. Then, hit the search icon to get the result.


  • The Internet Browser will show you the list of needed TV -related weblinks in the drop-down space on your Android screen.
  • Select and Dig out the Official Apple TV website from the results list. Open the required streaming official site on your available device screen.
Watch Apple TV on Android:


  • You need to tap the Sign In or Login button on the Apple TV official site page. You can find it at the beginning section of the Apple TV page.

Sign In Apple TV


  • To get into the Apple TV streaming service page, you have to enter the Apple ID that you have created when signing up with the Apple TV.
  • Enter the required Apple ID in the given space and tap the right arrow button to get in.

Apple Id


  • Now, you can see the respective television streaming page on your Android device. Select your favourite content or any exclusive content on the Apple TV on Android. 

This is the only easy method to watch the required television app exclusive and the original content on your available Google streaming device. Also, you can watch it on your Android TVs. Look at the following sections to know more.

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How to Watch Apple TV on Android TVs?

So, In the above topic, you will learn to watch the Apple TV on Android Smartphone device. Also, you can stream the respective television content and access the Apple TV+ on your Smart television devices. First, check out the steps and move to the upcoming topics to know the compatible Android TVs.

Here are the Step-by-Step Guidelines to Follow:


  • Turn On your Android TV streaming device. Check out the TV power wire was plugged in into the power socket.


  • Connect it with your home Wi-Fi internet source. Connect with wired or wireless with the Wi-Fi Modem/ Router.


  • Click the home button using your TV’s remote control. Check out the batteries on the TV remote controller have not died.


  • Select the Google Play Store app on your TV home page. Open the Google Play Store on your TV screen.


  • And move to the beginning portion of the Google Play Store app. Then, tap the search icon given on the Play Store page.


  • Enter as ” Apple TV ” in the given portion. Dig out the Official Apple TV app from the Google Play Store search result.

Apple TV on Google Play Store

Apple TV on Android TV:


  • Then, you have to click on the ” Install ” button to download the Apple TV app.


  • Open the Installed required Television app on your Android TV screen.


  • Tap on the ” Sign In ” option on your Apple TV screen.


  • Enter the ” Apple ID ” on the given space on the Apple ID page.

After entering the Apple ID, click the right arrow nearby the Apple ID box. Now, you can watch the Apple TV content on your Smart Television display. Here is another method to watch the Apple TV on Android device.

Alternative Way to Watch Apple TV:

So, you will get the answer for streaming the respective television app content on your Android Smartphone and Television device in the above topic. Here I have listed the streaming device names which is supported by Apple TV. They are:

Apple TV on Android TVs:

  • Samsung Smart TV
  • LG Smart TV
  • Sony Smart TV
  • Panasonic Smart TV
  • Vizio Smart TV
  • Hisense Smart TV
  • TCL Smart TV
  • Philips Smart TV

Apple TV on External Streaming Devices:

  • Nvidia Shield
  • Amazon Fire Stick TV
  • Sony Play Station 4/5
  • Roku Stick or box device
  • Xbox [ One, Series S, One S, Series X ]

So, these are all the alternative streaming devices to get the Apple TV on Android and some other platforms.

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The feature that Apple TV gives to watch its content on available google streaming devices are unspeakable. People who do not have owned the Apple TV  external streaming device or iOS devices can stream now. They are all watching the Apple Television content on their Android device simply by using the respective Television app.

Our Last Notes:

You can Get Apple TV on Android. Watch it through the mobile app and through the official Apple TV site. All you need is Apple ID. Enter the Apple ID in the given space on the Apple TV app page and stream the exclusive content on the Apple TV official app. It allows you to watch Apple TV’s newly released movies, shows, and other exclusive content on your available streaming device.

If you have any confusion, you can ask me in the comment section. I will clarify to you as quickly along with a clear answer. Thanks for your patience in reading our article till now.

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