Zoom App For Xbox one: Quick Installation Guide

During the Covid 19 pandemic situation, the Zoom app has become more popular among users. Using this app, you can communicate with people via video or audio chat. Most of all, this app is used for business and education purposes. Get to know how to use Zoom on Xbox One gaming console through this detailed guide.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll cover the following:

  • What is Zoom Meeting
  • Features of Zoom Cloud Meeting App
  • How to use Zoom on Xbox One
  • Advanced keyword research tips
  • Lots more

So if you are working from Home? Need to Install Zoom cloud on your Xbox One? You’ll love this list of tips, techniques, and strategies.

Let’s get started.

Zoom App on Xbox One

What is Zoom Meeting?

It Offers webinars and meetings to share content and video conference services based on Cloud. It can attend the Zoom meeting without a zoom account. Only the host is needed. You need an account to enable a scheduled meeting.

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How does the Zoom meeting works? Lets me Clear it Short, It is a Completely Online Videos conferencing App that allows users to meet and discuss online with audio and video, and you can pause videos depending on our needs. Available for desktop and Mobiles app platforms with users friendly interfaces to access or share another screen, collaborate and discuss projects. Even you can record entire sessions as required.

zoom cloud App

You may have a question. Is the Zoom meeting free? Yes, it’s a free offer only for basic plans with unlimited meetings with no limited trial period, but the basic free plan has time limitations. You can conduct a meeting only for 40 mins and limited participants.

Is Zoom similar to Skype? They vary slightly in detail. Skype focuses higher on versatile communication on creating collaboration software, but Zoom Focuses on video conferences and discussing projects with more professional solutions as per user’s requirements. In the end, both Zoom and Skype offer the same somewhat basic features it’s for communications.

Zoom App is exclusively available for Android and iOS-powered smartphones and tablets. So, unlike other apps on Xbox one, you don’t have Zoom App official only way is to screen share from a desktop or laptop experience associated. As you can already guess, Zoom App on Xbox one is possible only with screen sharing.

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How to Set Up Zoom on Xbox one?

Note: Unlike Other Apps on “XBOX ONE”, There is no Official App in Name of Zoom Cloud Meeting App as like android and iOS devices. In Xbox Store search “ZOOM ROOMS“. This one is the Controller App of Zoom Rooms for your paired mac or PC devices. This App helps you to fill the place for a zoom meeting client.

zoom room on xbox one

This is the most popular and amazing app over the internet that lets you meet with conferences for business and education. Get to know the installation process of Zoom rooms on Xbox One using Android and iOS devices through the below instructions.

  1. Initially, get the Zoom Rooms from your compatible device.
  2. Once you installed the Zoom app on your Android device.
  3. Then, open the Xbox console there you will see a Connect option.
  4. It will link your Xbox and Android devices.
  5. After it gets connected, then choose the Meet Now option.
  6. Now start to make any conference or meeting with your team as per your choice.

How to Access Teams on Xbox?

In the below section, we will show you the ways to access the teams on the Xbox gaming console in a simple way as a step-by-step guide.

  • First of all, sign in and then visit the Xbox profile.
  • Furthermore, hit the Xbox key, then visit My Games & Apps.
  • Now get into the Microsoft Edge browser.
  • Next, enter teams.microsoft.com on the address bar.
  • After that, sign in to your desktop or Android device with office 365 credentials.
  • Finally, you can access all the functions of teams, including other Microsoft apps.

In addition, you can make a video call using Xbox One console by sharing all sharing features. Now you can make video conversations and also play video games at a time from your console. Xbox One users also snap their skype calls from the Xbox screen as well.

Besides, you can screen mirrors from your Android or iOS SmartPhone. Nevertheless, this feature is only available for those who have Microsoft with the Xbox One preview program.

How do you zoom in and out on Xbox One?

Zoom Word googles search intent confused with Zoom Application and Zoom In/Out with the controller in Xbox one. To Fix it, Hold the Xbox Controller button until it vibrates. Move the desired area, press the view tab and then the tab on the left, and stick to Zoom Selector. Right for Zoom In and Left for Zoom Out. Finally, fixed? Use the B button to exit the magnifier. Chromecast Zoom Meeting.

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Features of Zoom Rooms

  • Just by one touch on the start button, you can be connected to the video conference meeting.
  • It contains good audio and video quality.
  • This app is suitable for all the 3 HD screens.
  • Recording meeting session is possible with Zoom Rooms.
  • Zoom Room is also connected to other devices, such as PC, iPad, Macs, and iPhones.
  • It accommodates more than 500 video participants to participate and also it allows 10,000 people to view the meeting.
  • It has a wireless screen-sharing facility.

How to Install Zoom on Xbox Using the App store?

Zoom rooms on Xbox One

  • First, open the Xbox One.
  • Go to Menu and click the Store option.
  • The stored displays a catalog of the menu where you should Click on Search.
  • Enter Zoom Rooms in the search bar.
  • In Zoom Room’s control panel, click Get it free.
  • You will get a new screen to verify the transaction and click Confirm.
  • Now Zoom Rooms has started to install on Xbox.
  • After the installation process is over, you can see the My Apps option.

Once the process is over, you can conduct any Zoom video conference on Xbox but having a Zoom account is essential for that. Using Zoom.us. You can make a free plan with Zoom Rooms.

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Alternative Way to Use Zoom Conference on Xbox

The above steps are for casting Zoom to Xbox without using Chromecast. But you can cast a Zoom meeting to Xbox using Chromecast too. The following steps will help you to cast,

  • Fix your Chromecast to your Xbox HDMI port.
  • Open your TV app on Xbox.
  • Now you are demanded to select any one of the options for connecting your cable or satellite box.
  • Click option A.
  • Click Next.
  • Select Skip.
  • Now it gives you two options either to choose an Open TV app or to move to the Home screen, click Next there.
  • Now go to your PC, MAC, or Android, and click Cast.
  • Choose your Chromecast device in the displayed options.
  • Now it casts your device to Xbox.


Zoom Room is the best choice for people who work from their homes. Through the Zoom app, you can attend any video conference meeting, no matter where you are. We hope this article will help you surely.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is the Zoom app free?

Zoom has a desktop application on Windows and Apple macOS, and like the same, it has a mobile app for the devices Android and iOS. You can enjoy more as the Zoom free app has more benefits.

2. Is the Zoom room similar to Zoom?

A Zoom meeting is a video conferencing which is organized by Zoom. You can join the meetings through the webcam. Zoom Room is the place where it organizes Zoom meetings with the help of conference rooms.

3. Is that possible to connect the phone device to Xbox One?

To connect the Phone to Xbox One, make the devices run on the same internet connection. To verify the network on the Xbox One, navigate to settings and then to network and Network settings.

4. How to join the Zoom meeting for the first time?

Visit join.zoom.us. Type the Meeting ID, which is given by the host, and select Join. When you join the Zoom meeting for the first time, then Google Chrome will tell you to launch the Zoom client.