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If you want to play Xbox one games on PC, then you must have an emulator that gives a good gaming experience. There is a huge list of emulators available on the Internet. You can select your emulator to play Xbox one games. In this article, we are going to show you the best Xbox One Emulators for Windows PC lists that are available in the online market.

10 Best Xbox One Emulators for Windows PC (1)

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About Xbox One Emulator:

The Xbox One Emulator is an Oppen-Source and Free application that imitates the actual Xbox One Gaming Console’s Microsoft. And allowing people to Play authentic Xbox One Video games on Windows PC, Linux Systems, and macOS.

But you can get this at some cost. The important note we have to note is, there we have an advantage and disadvantages to using the Xbox One Emulator for Windows PC. The biggest advantage is you can play the video game in Ultra HD Experience. Also, you have experienced  Amazing Audio Effects. Here this article is made for those who want to know the Best Xbox One Emulator for PC. So, move to the next topic to know about it.

Best Xbox One Emulators for Windows PC:

The Xbox has supported by many Emulators. But we are here to know the best Xbox One Emulators for your PC. I have mentioned the 13 best Emulators for Xbox One on this topic. They are;

  1. CXBX Emulator.
  2. Xeon Emulator.
  3. Xenia Emulator.
  4. DXBX Emulator.
  5. EX360E Box 360 Emulator.
  6. HackiNations Emulator.
  7. Box Emulator.
  8. VR Box360 Emulator.
  9. PCSX2.
  10. XQUEMU Emulator.
  11. MAME Emulator.
  12. Retro Arch Emulator.
  13. TOCA Edit Xbox 360 Emulator.

These are all the 13 best Xbox One Emulators for PC. Now, let us go through these 13 Emulators for Xbox One gaming console. Here are the details about each Emulator below:

1). CXBX Emulator:

CXBX emulator has great features which help people to convert all the Xbox games into executable files. It permits you to play your games without any virtual environment and also you can get a lag-free gaming experience. The installation process also takes simple steps.

Xbox one emulators for windows pc

  • You can run Xbox shaders with this pack. Emulate various Xbox SDK samples. To manage and view the game files, it comes with an inbuilt Xbox executable viewer.
  • You need to buy a good build PC as it uses high resources. It supports very few games.

2). Xeon Emulator:

Xbox one emulators for windows pc

The Xeon emulator is also a highly recommended Xbox emulator in the online market. Millions of people use this to play games. Xeon supports many games like Xbox one and Xbox 360. This Xeon emulator is the best Xbox one emulators for windows pc.

  • Comes with an instruction guide that helps users. Bundled with XISO programs and Xbox backup creator. Compatible with windows.
  • It emulates only the NTSC version of the halo.

3). Xenia Emulator:

Xbox one emulators for windows pc

Xenia emulator is another available emulator for PC. It has the capacity of running more than 50 titles on Xbox One and Xbox 360. The developer team continuously works on the latest updates.

  • You will get reliable updates continuously. Supports 50 plus Xbox one game.
  • It is not a big concern. The previous version works a bit slowly.

4). DXBX Emulator:

dxbx emulator

DXBX emulator is one of the finest Xbox one emulators for Windows pc which is made up of the same source code as the CXBX emulator. But it has some specific features which CXBX lacks. It performs well and connects Xbox files to executable ones. Though it is been an Xbox 360 emulator, works perfectly with Xbox one games.

  • Packed with a fully custom-built symbol detection system. Comes with a preloaded direct 3D engine which helps with graphic-related works.

5). EX360E Box 360 Emulator:


EX360E box 360 is a strong and powerful emulator. It can run games smoothly. But the worst part runs the 64-bit Windows operating system only. Works well go Xbox one games.

  • Gives smooth execution of games.
  • For graphical users, the interface is a bit weird.

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6). HackiNations Emulator:

hacki nations

HackiNations emulator is one of the best ways to play popular games such as Halo collection, Forza Horizon 3, Gear of war, and more. You will get the best user experience by using this. To enjoy this emulator click its name which is given above and navigate to the official website.

  • To play games you can use a USB controller or keyboard. HackiNations supports different ROM and Disc file formats.
  • Since this emulator has the most potent programs, it needs a High-spec PC.

7). Box Emulator:

Xbox one emulators for windows pc

Box emulator is another popular graphics emulator that delivers ten thousand Xbox games with high FPS ratings. Millions of people use this emulator across the world.

  • Compatible with various games from Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Good graphics user interface.
  • You cannot get this support with pirated and live games.

8). VR Box360 Emulator:

vr emulator

VR Box 360 is completely a bug-free application that supports all 360 gaming. You can use windows XP/7/8 and 10 in this emulator. It comes with specific features like eye-catching graphics cards like Nvidia and Radeon.

  • You can get this free of cost. Compatible with various versions of the operating system.
  •  In the terms of its competitors, it is a comparative newbie.

9). PCSX2:

pcsx2 emulator

PCSX2 is also an Xbox emulator that is available for windows as well as Linux operating systems. It is an open-source emulator. It allows users to play a number of games. PCSX2 supports external plugins and network play so it is considered as one of the best Xbox one emulators for Windows pc.

  • Used by any controller No need for commentary and gameplay. The recording task is easy.
  • Need a powerful computer depending on the game type.

10). XQUEMU Emulator:


XQUEMU is a well-known Xbox one emulator for windows pc that allows you to download the software on your PC. The XQUEMU Emulator BIOS and allows limited games. Available games are Jet set radio, Halo, and some more.

  • Friendly user interface.
  • Supports with limited games.

11). MAME Emulator:

The MAME Emulator is a Software that acts as a Multi-Functional Software. Also, it Imitates the Performance of the Hardware of the Console’s Video Game on the Windows PC. And it allows its users to Customize the Video Game with an experience of amazing level. Also, it is a Multi-Purpose Framework Emulation.  

The MAME Emulator offers the best features to its users. They are, It supports Cross-Platform Video Gaming. The User Interface that makes for the Functionality for Easy to Easy USe and the Configuration. The Upgrades of an Active Developer Community are always a Step away.

12). Retro Arch Emulator:

Retro Arch Emulator

The Retro Arch Emulator is also one of the Best Xbox One Emulators for Windows PC. It is as likely as not the alone site that could be supported by most video games and along with the attractive Game Graphics Interface to the Boot. Also, it is called one of the very most available Software commonly to play the Xbox One video games on your Windows PC.

13). TOCA Edit Xbox 360 Emulator:

Toca Edit Xbox One Emulators for Windows PC

The TOCA Edit Xbox 360 Emulator is commonly made for the Xbox 360 Gaming console to Play video games. Also, it gives us access to control and plays the Xbox One gaming Console’s Video games on its platform. Also, it converts the Gaming Documents into Windows PPC executable Programs.


Xbox one with an emulator can make a big difference in the gaming period as you can get an amazing experience. Make use of the above-given Xbox One Emulators for Windows PC. And we hope this article will help you to select the best emulator.

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