How to Fix White Spot on TV? | Easy Guide |

In some High-Definition Smart TVs, a few things are really so frustrating. Importantly the White Spot on TV. It is more disturbing while watching our favorite movies or shows. This guide will help you to recognize the usual causes of the White Spots on your Smart TV, while there is no one who will provide the perfect guide. 

How to Fix White Spot on TV?

Scroll down and Check out the easy Troubleshooting Methods mentioned in the following topics. Before starting the Troubleshooting method, you have to analyze what is the issue on your Smart TV. Most of the Smart TVs have the same issues as the White Spot. Know it in the first topic given below…

Why the White Spot Appears on TV?

When you find the White Spot or any other issues on your Smart TV, you have to address the problem that makes the screen white or spots. There are a few common reasons for this issue. They are;

              • Fuser Lenses have become Detached
              • Fallen Reflectors
              • Matrix Defect
              • Malfunction of the Picture Tube in a TV

So, these are all the main reasons for the White Spot on TV. We have to completely focus on the Picture Tube and the Lenses on your Smart TV. A clear guide is given in the following sections. Go through it and follow the steps one by one as given.

How to Fix White Spot on TV?

The above-mentioned are all the common reasons that Smart TV users will be facing on their devices. Here, are the solutions to do for troubleshoot the problems. And, this issue is mostly faced by the Kinescope TV, LCD or LED TV, and Plasma Smart TV users. The Fallen Reflector issue is in the Lenses Inside the Smart TV. It is a collision or the pressure on the TV Screen Surface. But it is fixable, you do not worry much about it. Just follow the instructions provided.

Picture Test

The Picture Test is more useful to find more things about the White Spot on TV. You came to know more details of it. Most Smart TVs like Samsung all come with the Picture Test performance option. This picture test will let you know the volume of the problem on your Smart TV Picture Tube. Here are the steps;

      • Turn On your Smart TV.
      • Take the TV remote.
      • Press and Hold the Menu Button once.

Menu Button on Vizio TV Remote

      • Use the directional Buttons to navigate to the settings.
      • Click on the Settings option from the main menu.

LG TV Settings

      • Select the Support button.

Samsung TV Support

      • Head to the Self Diagnosis option from the sub-menu.
      • There, you can see the bulk of options.

Picture Test on Samsung TV

      • Choose the Start Picture Test button.

Colour Test on Smart TV

Now, the picture test screen will appear on your TV screen. Set the Different Colours to find how bright and harsh the White Spot is on your TV Screen. Next, do the next method below.

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Unplug your Smart TV

Start with the simple method after the Picture test has been done. Simply unplug all cables on your Smart TV and plugin after a while. First, Switch Off the power. Then remove the power cable of your TV from the socket. Do not unplug the cable without switching off your TV. Also, remove all HDMI Cables or AUX Cables which is connected to your Smart TV.

Unplug Smart TV

If you are using any External Streaming device with your Smart TV, unplug it. No cables will connect to your TV. Keep your Smart TV disconnected from all connections. After 15 to 20 minutes, plug in all. Insert the Power cable of your TV into the Socket. Switch On your Smart TV. Now, check still the White Spot on TV will still appear. If yes, try the next method.

How to Reattach Dislodged LED Diffuser Lenses on Smart TV?

As we have discussed in the above section, the Lens on the Smart TV will affect the screening. The White Spot is also its responsibility. Fix it by a few methods given below;

Requirement Tools

You need some tools to dismantle the Smart TV and reattach the Dislodged LED Diffuser Lenses on your Smart TV. They are;

                • Medium Screwdriver
                • Small Prying Tool
                • Small Screwdriver
                • Q-Tips
                • Gorilla Glue ( Super Glue )
                • Gloves
                • Cotton Swab

Keep these things ready. Start the procedure as provided one by one in the following section.

Disassembling the Smart TV

Initially, we have to Disassembling your Smart TV. Follow the instrcutions given below and Fix White Spot on the TV. They are;

      • First, Switch Off your Smart TV.
      • Plug Out the Power Cable from the Socket.
      • Take the Screwdriver based on the screw size on your TV.
      • Place your Smart TV down carefully.
      • Now, Remove all Screws using the driver.

Remove Screw from TV

      • Take off the Back Cover of your TV.
      • Unscrew the screws from the plates and remove it.
      • Unplug the Speakers on your TV.

Remove Speakers from TV

      • It will be easy to reach the diffuser.
      • Now, unclip the ribbon cables which is attached to your Smart TV.
      • Unscrew the edges next.
      • And, Remove your TV’s Front Border.
      • Now, Carefully take the Screen out.

To avoid damage to your Smart TV screen, keep it safe and do not put any pressure on the screen.

      • Next, Remove the Additional Border Pieces on your TV.
      • Remove the Other Screen Layer now.
      • You can see the Backlight Panel and a few Fallen Diffusers.

Now, keep all removed things safe and do not put any pressure on anything. Next, follow the second method given below.

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Reattaching Dislodged Lenses

We have dislodged the lenses on your Smart TV. Now, reattach it carefully. For this process, you need a glue. It will keep clear when it is dry. The b9000 or b7000 glue is more effective.

      • First, note the Legs of the Diffuser on your TV.
      • Place the Diffuser over the LED Light.

Place Diffuser on TV

      • Fix the Diffuser correctly into the holes.
      • Once, check the alignment after fixed.
      • Apply the Glue Softly on the Lenses.
      • Place the lenses carefully and slowly back to the previous positions.

Fix Lens on TV

      • Do not touch the lenses after fixed.
      • Keep it up to 30 minutes to dry and stick.

After 30 minutes, check the Lenses fit on the position. If it is loose, the white Spot on TV issue cannot be fixed. In case you have seen that the lens is loose, please apply some more glue and keep it dry. Now, move to the Reassembling process of your Smart TV.

Reassembling the Smart TV

Take back all border parts and screw it tightly. Following that, fix back all the panels and boards to the usual position. You have to do this process more carefully by not breaking or damaging the parts. Check all the parts whether damaged or not before fixing it on your TV. Place the screw tightly. Connect the power cable and stick it properly.

Fix back the TV

Now, place your Smart TV in your living room where you have placed it before. Insert the Power cable into the Power Socket. Switch On the Smart TV. Now, check if the White Spot on your TV has disappeared. I hope, now the issue has been fixed. Still not, it may be any faults in the inner tools.

How to Replace the Entire Backlight Array or LED Strips?

So, if the LED Array is old or its life ends, you can see the White Spot on TV. In that, the backlight may fail at unexpected times, and reattaching the diffuser lenses only fix it for a time. You can find whether the lens gets old or not by checking the brown spots under the lenses. It meant that the lens got older.

In such Smart TVs, you have to replace the entire backlight array which is a permanent fix. If you do not use your Smart TV for a long, the picture tub may be affected. Also, you have to use the right glue to fix the lens on your TV. If you use the wrong lens, it will be highly possible to burn the plastic lens. Then, the entire screen will stop working.

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Removing the Hot and Defective Pixels

As we have discussed in the above topic, the hot pixel is the flawed lens on your Smart TV. That scraps continuously on, by preference than cycling On and Off such other Pixels do. When it happens, the Pixels on your Smart TV can be visible as a light white dot and this occurs even on new Smart TV.

Before the process, rub the jammed pixel with a moist cloth or a particular but soft thing. While doing this process, do not apply more pressure on the pixels. As well as confirm once you turn on the smart TV. In case, it was a hot pixel or stuck, this may fix the problem for you. Also, these two methods are proven to fix the White Dot on TV problem, there is no assurance that it will happen for you if the issue is a physical one.


The presence of the White Spot on TV screens can be a usual problem with many potential causes. It is very important to note that this issue can be a slight and smoothly fixable or reflective of many serious foundational problems. When you are fixing the White Dot issue on your Smart TV, it is preferable to initiate the fundamentals and examine the traditional cable connections, restart the Smart TV, and tune the Display settings.

If these easy solutions do not settle the issue, it might be required to discuss with the manufacturer’s support or search for the assistance of the executive technician. Or, scroll up and check out the methods and step-by-step guide to fix the problems in an easy way.