USTVGO On FireStick: How to Install? Definitive Guide

USTVGO is a free live television streaming website that has become an alternative to cable and other live TV applications. This service gives hundreds of cable TV channels from the US. USTVGO offers plenty of live channels in different categories such as News, Kids, Sports, Entertainment, etc.

It would help if you had a computer and network connection to watch videos for free. Install USTVGO on FireStick to stream your favorite content.

How to Install USTVGO On FireStick_

USTVGO does not require any other application to install. A web browser is enough to access this service. USTVGO will be for Firestick and works for computers and smartphones. For cord-cutters, USTVGO will be a good choice. It has a friendly interface to use. You need an account and any registration to use. This article will discuss an application called USTVGO, which is made up of free live TV applications. 

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USTVGO Features

  • The best advantage of streaming USTVGO is that it provides all premium channels free of cost. Along with this, there is no hassle of Sign Up or registering; just visit the track whenever you need.
  • This premium streaming service contains more than 80 channels, and it is web-based without any standalone app.
  • We are well aware that whenever a streaming service is free, it will be bombarded with lots of Ads and Spam. But in this case, USTVGO is a spam-free streaming service.
  • With a relatively easy and user-friendly interface and a dark theme to stream this USTVGO.
  • USTVGO is a web-based service compatible with almost all browsers platforms like Google Chrome, Mozilla, etc.
  • USTVGO is an online service that offers a variety of channels. There is no need to pay for subscriptions. It is possible to stream every track via USTVGO using your FireStick device for free without paying any money since it’s completely free.
  • There are more than 90 channels of USTVGO that you can access. A wide range of programming is accessible on these channels of all kinds, such as sports, entertainment, news, kids’ media, and more. You can play any track simply by clicking it. Additionally, the application is highly user-friendly and straightforward to use, easy interface.
  • One of the most outstanding features of USTVGO is that it doesn’t require installing any application or APK file to access channels. It is possible to connect directly via the website. Additionally, no registration or sign-in procedure is necessary. Open the website and begin streaming.
  • USTVGO works fully compatible with any device, including Android, PC, and Amazon FireStick. This means that it can work using your FireStick device with no issues.

How to Install USTVGO On FireStick?

First, you need a browser to install USTVGO. Install the browser on your computer or mobile to install USTVGO on FireStick.


Install Firefox or Amazon silk if the browser is not available. Now Google chrome is also not open on the play store.

Steps to follow:

1: Go to the home screen on your Firestick.

Home page fire stick

2: In the search bar, type and find for “firefox or silk browser” and click it 

ustvgo on firestick

3: Tap the “download” option.

4: After installation, launch the browser.

USTVGO on FireStick

Part: 2

1: Take your firestick remote. Tap and hold the “Home key” button.

2: Click the browser on your window.

3: In the search bar, type the following URL “must go. tv” and click the “Go” button.

ustvgo on firestick

4: A pop-up window will appear on your screen. Select the “cancel” option and tap it.

5: Now, you can use USTVGO on your Firestick to stream your videos.

6: If bookmark I necessary for you to use the USTVGO website, tap “star icon” and click the “Add bookmark” option.


7: Navigate the channel link to select your preferred channel and select the “ok” button.

8: If you need a full-screen view, click “full-screen icon.”

9: Now, you can view channels with USTVGO.

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How to Stream USTVGO on PC?

You can use Windows, Linux, or Mae to access USTVGO through a web browser.

1: Launch your web browser on the computer (firefox, silk browser, safari, chrome, and so on). 

2: Visit the given website


3: Now start to stream live TV channels.


How to stream USTVGO Android/iOS devices?

Mostly Android and iOS devices support all the vital browsers.

1: Install a browser from the Google play store.

For iOS, you can get a browser from the Apple store.

2: Visit the given URL link



3: Commence streaming channels.

How to Add Bookmark in USTVGO on Firestick?

On your browser, you have to pin or bookmark the USTVGO website so that you need to enter the URL every time you go into the browser. 

1: Find and click the “Menu key” on your firestick remote.

2: Back to the browser’s main window and tap the “pin button,” placed above the address bar.

install USTVGO on firestick

3: There, you can find USTVGO in the “pinned title” section on your browser.


Alternatives of USTVGO

Having an alternative for any service will never hurt. In general, USTVGO works fine on any platform, specifically Firestick. But a bug can cause some inconvenience; hence it is good to have alternatives.

Ola TV

Ola TV is also similar to USTVGO and is the best alternative. Like the USTVGO, it is also a free live TV streaming service with nearly more than 15,000 channels and content. The only hitch is that Ola TV doesn’t have an inbuilt player and requires you to have a VLC player. It emerged as a replacement for Relax TV, and it is incredibly safe to use.

Viva TV

The other best alternative for the USTVGO is a free live TV streaming service. Viva TV streams all the latest movies and shows that too in HD quality for free of cost. Despite being a third-party app, it is entirely safe and is not available on iPhone at present.

Wrapping Up

Mostly free live TV may work one day and may not work the next day. So live TV channels are not guaranteed. But USTVGO is a reliable source to watch live TV channels. The above-given guidelines and information help you install USTVGO on FireStick and stream live TV channels.

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