Top Five Features from OddsChecker


Top Five Features from OddsChecker


The current sports betting boom in the US has taken diehard fans closer to the action than ever before. Futures bets, point spreads, and interesting prop bets are an exciting way to participate with a favorite team or league.

However, finding a reliable sportsbook, learning the ins and outs of the industry, and then figuring out the fine print (like state-by-state legality and paying taxes on winnings) can overwhelm any first-time punter. With limited in-person wagering options at stadiums, fans will need to first wade into the dense world of online sportsbooks.

Big names who have established themselves overseas were the first to arrive on the scene in the US, while local companies specializing in fantasy leagues and sports writing have since shifted to open up their books. 

However, for first-time punters looking to sign up with a sportsbook online, the sudden influx of options doesn’t necessarily work in their favor. Knowing which groups to sign up with, how to take advantage of special offers, and even following the industry’s lingo can deter some sports fans from getting involved.

Luckily for diehard fans struggling to understand a point spread, even more groups have come forward to compile the best of the best in terms of sportsbooks, promo codes, guides, and expert insights. The latest emerging name in sportsbook comparisons is OddsChecker, which is quickly becoming a one-stop-shop for all things related to betting.

Let’s take a closer look at the site’s top five features, including how-to guides covering the basics, promo code aggregation, deep dives from passionate experts, legal information, and other gaming opportunities.

 Beginner-Friendly Guides

For US punters, the only place to get in on the action prior to a 2018 Supreme Court ruling was to wager at a retail sportsbook in Las Vegas or head to a local racetrack. This means even the most diehard fans may struggle to understand phrases like ‘beating the spread’ or ‘vig’. 

One of OddsChecker’s unbeatable features is its ‘Guides’ tab. With a few clicks, newcomers can learn about the history, functionality, and standard practice related to bets, including money lines, point spreads, over/under, and much more.

The site also includes helpful information about common terms, like ‘vig’ and ‘bad beat’, as well as practices like bet staking and ditching. The site even includes articles on how to bet at work and how to beat your bookie. Users can get comfortable learning the ropes here before signing up with a company.

Top Five Features from OddsChecker

 Promo Code Comparison

Though OddsChecker’s guides section is crucial for newcomers, its promo code comparison sets it apart from the competition. With its simple promo code aggregations, users can easily compare and contrast available deals. 

For example, the current FanDuel promo code from OddsChecker doesn’t just highlight the available deal. Instead, the site also takes users through a comprehensive and detailed guide on how to sign up and take advantage of the offer, as well as what happens after a wager is placed with the promo code.

The site also includes a promo code section that can be applied to casinos and online poker sites. (A

according to US law, online sportsbooks, casinos, and poker sites are treated as separate gaming entities, resulting in the three-way separation on sites.)

 Understanding Expert Insight & Analysis

OddsChecker provides industry-leading insight into all betting-related fields. For the average sports fan, this is helpful when it comes time to back a certain team or parlay various bets. However, the in-depth dives from passionate analysts and handicappers also let punters understand how sports analysts compile and process information.

OddsChecker allows users to follow articles and insights from a variety of analysts, as well as see how each is performing in terms of ROI (whether performing well or not). Either way, the blog posts under their ‘Picks’ and ‘Insight’ take visitors straight into the mind of fellow sports fanatics. Run by sports fans and created for sports fans, these sections highlight OddsChecker’s passion for all things sports-related. 

Some of their most successful handicappers, including Geoff Fienberg and Drew Martin, are known for their mix of deep sports knowledge, a background working in finance, and entertaining approach to the sports they focus on. In other words, you can take a candid look at sports betting with OddsChecker’s resident experts.

 Clear Verdicts on Legality

As mentioned above, sports betting was legalized following a Supreme Court ruling in 2018, which repealed a 1992 law banning sportsbooks. Since then, each state has independently chosen whether (and how) to regulate oddsmakers.

Some states, such as Washington and South Carolina, have opted to legalize wagering at a few live locations only, meaning there’s no online betting available. Others, like New Jersey and Colorado, have legalized nearly every avenue for wagering on sports.

Sound complicated? Let OddsChecker provide you with reliable profiles related to each sportsbook and state, as well as helpful hints related to banking options and taxation. Their ‘Legislation’ tab provides a handy US state map with a color-coded key, a year-by-year timeline explaining legal changes, and state-by-state profiles.

Top Five Features from OddsChecker 

Not Just About Sports

When it comes to wagering, OddsChecker connects punters with various odds beyond the world of sports. Some of their most popular sections include Eurovision wagers (which now favor Flo Rida’s team-up with San Marino) and odds on which performers will take home an Oscar in 2021.

As mentioned above, OddsChecker also provides useful information and deals related to casino and poker sites. Now that sportsbooks are battling to offer the most competitive odds and exclusive bonus offers, casinos have also jumped on board.

In states like Pennsylvania and New Jersey, legislation requires sportsbooks to partner with existing casinos in order to facilitate state regulation. Depending on the region, casino offers are often extended alongside deals offered by sportsbooks, as casinos and oddsmakers are either run by the same group or contracted to work together. 

OddsChecker’s ‘Casino’ tab helps users peruse which bonuses are right for them, and also includes handy information related to banking options and state regulations. Additionally, their ‘Poker’ section helps connect gamers to freerolls, which allow gamers to compete in a tournament without spending money to enter.