How to Install TeaTV on Firestick: Quick Guide in 2022

teatv on firestick

TeaTV on FireStick: TeaTV is a fantastic application. It works on Firestick devices, Android devices, LG, Samsung, Sony, Amazon Fire TVs, Huawei, etc. It is the best alternative for the users of Terrarium TV. It helps you stream movies and TV shows on FireOS devices or Android. Once you download TeaTV on your device, it provides you with a numerous HD TV shows and movies in 1080p for free. The application will amaze you for sure with the best firestick apps.

Now, we are giving here you the tutorial about the method of installation of TeaTV on a Firestick Device.

teatv on firestick

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How to Install Teatv On Firestick through the downloader method? 

Applications like Downloader and ES File Explorer will help you install a third-party app on the Firestick device. Because installing a third-party app on Firestick is quite complex. 

1. Select the ‘settings‘ from the main menu.

2. From settings, select the option ‘My Fire TV’.

teatv on firestick

3. My Fire TV opens with two options; hit the ‘Developer‘ from the options.

teatv on firestick

      4. It opens up with two options; you should go to ‘Unknown source‘ and switch it off to ‘ON‘.

      5. Next, go back to the Home screen and type ‘Downloader‘ by pressing the search bar.

teatv on firestick

    6. You can see the lists under the search bar. Press the’ Downloader’ app, then hit the ‘Download‘.

    7. And it’s open up with a quick-select the ‘Allow’ option, and it will provide a list. Below the list, click the highlighted ‘OK’.

    8. Now, from your remote control button, ‘ok’ press it to open the URL box. 

    9. Here, type the exact URL address and click ‘GO‘ under the address bar.

teatv on firestick

    10. Now, it shows up with downloading the APK file. Wait for a while. Once the downloading process is done, it opens up options to cancel and install. You should click the option ‘install’.

teatv on firestick

     11. Click ‘Done‘ then select ‘Delete‘, again select the ‘Delete’.

     12. Hold the Home key for a while on your remote control. It displays the screen with some options. Now from that option, click the ‘Apps’.

    13. Scroll till TeaTV comes. Press that three-line, which denotes ‘option’, then select ‘Move’. Now TeaTV moved to ‘Your Apps & channels’.

teatv on firestick

    14. Open TeaTV and press ‘Allow‘ from the prompt, then click ‘Accept‘ from Disclaimer.

TeaTV on firestick

    15. Next, select your preferable ‘Language‘. Now it’s time to enjoy TeaTV on Firestick.

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How to Download Teatv On Firestick through ES File Explorer

  1. Install ‘ES File Explorer on your device. Open ‘ES File Explorer you can see the options. From those options, choose ‘Tools’ and select ‘Download Manager’.

teatv on firestick

    2. You can see the right bottom of that page ‘+New’. Just click it.

    3. It displays two fields of dialogue box on the screen. The first field is ‘Path’, and the following field is ‘Name’.

    4. Inside the Path field, type the URL address of Teatv, and on the Name field, type ‘Teatv’. Then select ‘Download Now’.

     5. Wait for a minute to download the process. Once done, promptly appears on the screen here select ‘open file’. Select the ‘Install’ option under the properties.

teatv on firestick

     6. Now confirmation prompt appears on the screen; you must select ‘Install‘. Wait for a while to see the successful installation message.

    7. Then click open the app, start working, and click Done to back to ES File Explorer.

    8. Now Launch ‘Your Apps & channels‘. Hold the ‘select‘ button for seconds.

   9. Click ‘Move’, and now TeaTV moved to the top rows by pressing ‘select’. It will be located where you are placed.

   10. You can see TeaTV on Your Apps & channels after returning to the Home screen. Choose language and TeaTV ready to work on your Firestick. Click ‘Accept’ from Disclaimer.


We hope this tutorial helps you install a third-party TeaTV application successfully on your Firestick device. The above-given content will reduce your burdensome for the installation process. We hope this content is helpful for you, and enjoy your movies and TV shows on the TeaTV application.

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