How to Install Plex on Samsung Smart TV?

Are you looking for an article on How to Install Plex on Samsung Smart TV? Then you have to refer to this guide and get various tricks to install it. Moreover, we are going to share additional information, such as sign-in with the Plex streaming service. I think this article will help you to install the Plex streaming service on Samsung Smart TV. Keep Reading…

How to Install and Watch Plex on Samsung Smart TV

What is Plex on Samsung Smart TV?

Plex is a streaming service, and you can watch a line of television channels on its streaming service. Also, it lets us watch free movies and TV via the Plex streaming service.

Fortunately, the Plex service is available on the Samsung Smart TV streaming device. You can get this service directly from the Samsung Smart TV in-built App Store. Let us see the installation instructions and streaming procedure in the next topic.

How to Install and Stream Plex on Samsung Smart TV?

As we mentioned above, the Plex streaming service is compatible with and supports the Samsung Smart TV device. Read the steps to downlaod Plex on your Samsung TV.

👉Step 1: ( Turn On )

Before starting the installation process, you have to Turn On your Samsung Smart TV.

👉Step 2: ( Set Internet )

You have to associate your Samsung Smart TV with the home Wi-Fi router.

👉Step 3: ( Smart Hub )

Insert the power batteries in the Samsung Smart TV Remote Control and click on the Smart Hub button on the remote control device.

👉Step 4: ( Search )

Find and click on the search icon in the Samsung Smart TV App Store.

👉Step 5: ( Plex )

You have to find the Plex in the given search box in the search bar.

👉Step 6: ( Download )

After hitting the search icon, you will get the result from your Samsung TV App Store. Pick the essential Plex App and hit the Downlaod option to launch on our Samsung TV.

👉Step 7: ( Open )

Then get back to the Samsung TV home screen. After installing the Plex app, you can open it in the Apps and Games or Apps and Channels category on your Samsung Smart TV device.

👉Step 8: ( Sign In )

Click on the Sign In portion and enter your Plex service credentials to stream the content.

Now, you can watch what you want to stream on the Plex on Samsung Smart TV.

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An Alternative method to Watch Plex on Samsung Smart TV?

We have installed and streamed the Plex directly on your Samsung Smart TV in the above topic. We will screen Mirror your Plex TV streaming service screen with your Samsung Smart TV streaming device.

👉Step 1: ( Set Wi-Fi )

You have to connect your Smartphone to your Samsung Smart TV and connect Wi-Fi internet connection. The speed network may help you with speed access.

👉Step 2: ( Google Play Store )

Open the Google Play Store on your Smartphone device. And click on the search box.

👉Step 3: ( Search )

You have to browse for Plex in the given space at the Google Play Store in the search icon.

Plex on Google Play Store

👉Step 4: ( Install ) 

Pick the Plex app from the search result list and tap the Install key to launch the app on your Android device.

👉Step 5: ( Open )

Please wait for a while until it downloads on your Android device. And then open it on your device’s home screen.

👉Step 6: ( Sign In )

Click on the Login section at the Plex streaming service to get into the streaming page of the required Plex app.

👉Step 7: ( Stream Content )

Now, you have to choose the movies, sports, live streaming, or any other interesting content on your Plex service.

👉Step 8: ( Cast )

Here, you have to identify and tap on the Cast symbol on the video playing screen.


👉Step 9: ( Choose Device )

Then, you have to select the streaming device from the list of devices on the Smartphone screen. So, please tap on the Samsung Smart TV in the pop-up window.

Now that you have connected your devices and your Samsung Smart TV start screening your Android device screen in its big display.

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How to Watch Plex on Samsung Smart TV by using Airplay Method?

The Above method is applicable to SmartPhone users. If you are an iPhone user, then you have to follow the upcoming instructions.

  • Download the Plex on your iPhone or iPad application.
  • Ensure that your iPhone and your Smart TV are connected with the same internet connection.
  • Then you have to start playing the content from the Plex app on your iPhone.
  • After that, you have to click the Airplay icon.
  • From the icon, you have to select the Samsung Smart TV device name and click it and pair it.
  • Once the device gets paired, then you have to watch all your favorite content on the Samsung Smart TV screen.

How to Sign In with Plex?

We will guide you in installing the Plex Television content streaming service on your Samsung Smart TV in the above two topics. Now, we will learn about the Sign-in process of the Plex streaming service. Let us refer to the below topics.

👉Step 1: ( Web Browser )

Take off your handheld streaming device like Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, and more like this. Then unfold the web browser internet service on your device.

👉Step 2: ( Search )

Tap on the search box and type Plex. Tv in the given search field.

👉Step 2: ( Open )

Open the required official website of Plex in the second place list from the search result.

👉Step 3: ( Sign In )

Click on the Sign In option in the right top corner of the current Plex official home page.

Plex Sign In option

👉Step 4: ( Fill in the Details )

You have to fill in your details in the given boxes, like an email address or Username and Password that you created when you signed up with the Plex service.

Plex Sign In page

👉Step 5: ( Sign In )

After completing the filling process, you have to click on the Sign In button to get into the streaming page of the Plex streaming service. Now, you can choose your favorite content on the Plex platform and enjoy watching it on your Samsung Smart TV.

Sign Up with Plex:

Still, you can not open the user account on the Plex streaming service, then follow the instructions given on this topic. Refer to the instructions below.

👉Step 1: ( Web Browser )

Open the web browser on your streaming device to get the needed content from the internet.

👉Step 2: ( Search )

Tap on the URL Box on the web browser home page. And search for the official site of the Plex streaming service.

Search as Plex. Tv in the given search space.

👉Step 3: ( Open )

Select the official site of Plex from the result of your search list.

👉Step 4: ( Sign Up )

Tap the Sign Up option nearby the Sign In box, which is highlighted in the image we have given here.

Plex Sign Up option

👉Step 5: ( Enter Details )

To create a new account on the Plex Streaming service, you have to share some detail of yours in the respective boxes.

Create Account on Plex

👉Step 6: ( Create an Account )

Here, you have to tap on the Create an account option at the bottom of the box after filling in the details like email address and Password in the boxes.

Now, you have successfully created a new account on the Plex streaming service, and you can watch your favorites on your Samsung Smart TV.

What are the Features of Plex?

We have listed the benefits and features of the Plex Television streaming service in the below lineup. Refer them to learn more inputs about the Plex streaming service.

  • Free > The Plex streaming service allows you to watch movies and shows for free on its platform.

Free streaming on PLex

  • Live > Also, you may watch the live tv channels on the Plex media platform.

Watch on Plex

  • Categories > It gives us the categories to choose the genre we like to watch on the Plex service.
  • Watch > You can watch the Plex streaming service at your available streaming service, which is compatible with its network. And the devices are:

Device Friendly

Plex Compatible devices

  • Worldwide > It works worldwide. You can watch this service in any country.

Plex work on Worldwide

  • On-demand> The Plex service includes 50,000 Live tv channels and on-demand videos on its site.
  • Watchlist > You can add your favorite content in the Plex service in the Watchlist section and watch the movie or show later.

These are all the few features of the Plex streaming service. Install now and enjoy your favorite shows and movies.

Our Final Notes:

So, we will explain the details of the Plex on Samsung Smart TV in this article. Then you can get the installation of the Plex Television content streaming service on your Samsung Smart TV in this article. The Plex streaming service is available on the Samsung Smart TV. So you can get the app directly from your Samsung TV’s in-built App Store.

Let me know your questions in the respective comment place if it is not clear to you. I will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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