How to Get Newsmax on FireStick? [Pros|Cons|Alternates]

Newsmax is one of America’s best 24/7 news channels. You can get instant news about what’s happening in USA Government and Politics. Opinion-based talk shows from the Newsmax channel are worthwhile to watch. FireStick users can use the Newsmax app to access its contents. Find out the installation procedure to get Newsmax on FireStick with the help of this article. You can also learn about the pros and cons of the Newsmax app also with alternate methods to watch the Newsmax channel here.

How to Get Newsmax on FireStick? [Pros|Cons|Alternates]

How to Get Newsmax on FireStick?

All the programs of Newsmax can be live-streamed on your FireStick with its official app. The Newsmax app can be directly installed on your FireStick device from its default app store. There are also other streaming platforms that carry the Newsmax channel for free. There is no need for a subscription or any other type of payment needed to access the Newsmax app.

How to Install Newsmax on FireStick?

You can easily find Newsmax under the Live and Channels categories. If you are not able to find it, then follow the procedures given here to install the Newsmax app on FireStick.

  • Turn on your FireStick device.
  • Press The Home button on FireStick remote.
  • From the Home screen select the Find option.
  • Now tap on Search.
  • User virtual keyboard and type “Newsmax”
  • Click on Newsbax TV from the suggestions.
  • Highlight the Newsmax TV app icon and press OK.
  • Now select the Get or Download option.
  • After a few seconds, the Newsmax TV app is installed on FireStick

After installation, you can select Open to launch the app on your FrieStick device. You can now easily watch Newsmax on your FireStick device and get all the latest news for free. You may also like to learn about How to Watch Newsmax TV on Smart TV Without Cable?

Alternate Ways to Watch Newsmax on FireStick

With the free streaming platforms available on the FireStick app store, you can access the Newsmax channel live for free. The Streaming services with access to the Newsmax channel on your Fire TV are as follows,

YouTube | Pluto | Xumo | Smasung TV Plus

Newsmax YouTube Channel on FireStick


You can easily get the YouTube app on your FireStick device from its default app store. after installation, you can search for the Newsmax channel on your YouTube. You can watch the Newsmax channel live, and on-demand with Youtube on FireStick.

Newsmax on YouTube

It has more than 2 Million subscribers, and you can also subscribe to it with your YouTube account. It is also possible to cast the Newsmax channel from YouTube on supported devices to your Fire TV screen with the Cast option easily. You may also like to learn about What Channel is Newsmax on Cox?

Newsmax on Pluto TV and Xumo

Pluto TV

xumoThe ad-supported streaming services Pluto TV and  Xumo carry the Newsmax channel on their channel lineup. You can easily find the channel by entering its name “Newsmax” in the search tab. FireStick is one of the Pluto TV and Xumo app-supported devices. You can easily install the Pluto TV app and the Xumo app on your FireStick device directly from its app store. For more information, you can refer to

How to Install Pluto TV on Firestick?

How to Install Xumo on Firestick?

What Channel is Newsmax on Samsung TV Plus?

Samsung TV Plus

The Samsung TV Plus offers more than 250 live channels including the Newsmax channel. You can easily get the Samsung TV Plus app on your FireStick devices. After installation, you can watch the Newsmax channel on channel number 1027.

Newsmax on Samsung TV Plus

You can also refer to How to Get and Stream Samsung TV Plus on Firestick? for more information.

Features of the Newsmax App


  • Access to Live stream on-air shows.
  • Tabs like TV Live, Schedule, TV Shows, Special Programs, Search, and About, make it easier to use.
  • There are no ads
  • All the Contents provided are original
  • Video available here is HD video quality.


  • Sometimes your favorite video on the Newsmax app can buffer.
  • You can only access limited shows on the app.


Even though the Newsmax app on FireStick is ad-free it has only limited content. You can use YouTube to access the Newsmax channel and watch all the content offered by Newsmax on your Fire TV. The buffering issued on the Newsmax app can be solved by connection to a good WiFi network with high internet speed and low traffic. Screencasting Newsmax to FireStick requires fewer data than directly accessing it on your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Channel is Newsmax on Optimum?

On channel number 102 you can get the Newsmax channel on Optimum. You can also live stream the Newsmax channel on Optimum TV on all of its supported devices, which includes FireStick.

What are the Shows on Newsmax?

National Report, American Agenda, Saturday Report, America Right Now, The Mark Kaye Show, An American Place, Max 2 Health, and An American Life are some of the shows you can watch on Newsmax. For more information on the schedule, you can visit the official site.

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