My Wifi Tv App Streaming Services ( Working)

My Wifi Tv on Firestick

It is a new IPTV service that helps people connect their Smartphones or iOS with living. In My Wifi TV app, everything is free and supported by ads.

You can get free channels on this. And ala it will give TV channels HD quality all over the world. IPTV free versions are not always reliable. Only for the US, Canada, and the UK. There are three icons for different players.

It is unnecessary to spend the entire amount of your entertainment bills to enjoy live television. Although most premium channels are expensive, the exceptional IPTV service lets you enjoy live TV for less. To use IPTV services, you’ll need the internet to be uninterrupted or a WiFi connection.

Amid all IPTV options, this category is focused explicitly on My WiFi TV IPTV. It’s among the top services for streaming live TV and many other channels. This IPTV service can take your streaming requirements to a new quality.

It gives you the option of streaming whatever you like at the time you prefer. Please find out the details about My WiFi TV features and its setup procedure.

what happen to my wifi tv

What is My WiFi TV?

MyWiFi TV is a premium IPTV service provider that gives you access to more than four thousand cable channels available with both HD and SD in the US, UK, and Canada through a subscription. The application has Canada, UK, and US websites.

The most reliable TV on the market, IPTV (MyWiFi TV), is compatible with Android, Firestick, Windows, Shield, NVidia Shield, etc.

MyWiFi TV also supports external media players such as MX player, VLC media player, Wuffy media player, etc. You cannot only connect to the application using the internet via an external IPTV media player but play the content on any other media player. It is a simple fact that MyWiFi TV provides you with all the features you need to ensure you are comfortable using its services.

The MyWiFi TV application will deliver the content seamlessly and hassle-free. It utilises Cutting edge technologies to give you the most efficient Live TV technology experience, regardless of whether the content can be streamed in SD, HD, 1080p or 4K. It is compatible with as many devices as well as 5 IP addresses.

My WiFi TV Subscription Plans

MyWiFi TV on Firestick offers several subscription options for you to select from. It offers four pricing tiers that are listed below.

MyWiFi TV First Plan

This plan, MyWiFi TV, lets you stream TV shows, videos and more than 2000 channels with good quality, like HD, SD, and 1080p. There is one drawback: the number of screens you can be watching simultaneously is limited to two, but with no cost updates. You can also watch unlimited movies and TV programs for $25 per year, and the ability to cancel anytime also comes with the highest uptime.

MyWiFi TV second Plan

This plan, MyWiFi TV, lets you stream television shows, videos and more than 2000 channels in high quality, such as HD 1080p, SD, and HD. The only drawback is that the number of screens you can view simultaneously is limited to three, but with no cost updates. You can also access indefinitely Movies or TV series for $35 per month, with the option to cancel at any time, and it comes with the most extended uptime.

MyWiFi TV Third Plan

This plan, MyWiFi TV, lets you stream television shows, videos, and more than 2000 channels in excellent quality, such as HD and SD and 1080p. The only drawback is that the amount of screens you can view simultaneously is restricted to four screens, however, with no updates. You can also access indefinitely Movies or TV series for $45 per year, With the possibility to cancel at any time and also comes with maximum uptime.

MyWiFi TV Fourth Plan

With this package, MyWiFi TV lets you stream television shows and videos and 2000+ channels in high quality, such as HD 1080p, SD, and HD. There is one drawback: there is a limit to the number of screens that you can stream simultaneously is restricted to five screens, however, with no-cost updates. However, you can access indefinitely Movies or TV series for $55 per month and the choice to cancel at any time and offers 98% uptime.

Why use a VPN for My WiFi TV on Firestick?

If you stream videos through MyWiFi TV, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) may block the videos because of limitations on geography. They can play from any location, such as those in the US, UK, Canada, etc. Some countries might not allow streaming because it originates from pirated websites, and it is a third-party, unofficial app.

It would help if you used VPN VPN within MyWiFi TV on Firestick to shield your system from threats like Cyber Hacks. VPN in MyWiFi TV protects you from attacks on the internet, such as dosh-based attacks(Denial of Service), and hides your IP address. So I’d suggest that you use the VPN MyWiFi TV with Firestick is an excellent option.

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1:  MX player

2: VLC media player

3: Wuffy media player

If you do not have the player, it will ask you to download it and install it. If you are using an Android or Touchscreen, you can bypass it. You cannot avoid an advertisement, but on an Android device, if you tap on the screen, it takes you to the website.

This application does have Canada, Spanish, UK, and US websites. You can use this with MX, VLC, and Duffy media players. In these, you can prefer the MX Player for this application. Because it plays smooth and also they made up quick everything.

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Features of My Wifi TV Application

  • She formulated an electronic program guide with time-shift settings.
  • You can use this service for $20 per month for two devices.
  • It does not give free trials, but it can guarantee a money-back.
  • You can get more than 200 channels with HD quality.
  • User-friendly apk.
  • You can use this application with all devices like Android box 5.1, Smartphones, Tablets, Android set-top boxes, Amazon firebox, fire stick, Kodi, etc.

How to Download & Install My Wifi TV on FireStick through ES File Explorer?

1: Launch the “ ES file explorer” application on your device.

es file explorer

2: Go to the home screen and tap the “ downloader icon.”

es file explorer

3: Next, move to the “+ New button,” which appears at the bottom of the screen.

4: Now type “ and enter it. Give the name for your application and tap the “download now” option.

ES File Explorer url path

5: Wait for a while. After downloading the application, tap the “open file” option.

6: Tap the “ Install” option.

7: After installation, you click the “open” option to access your My Wifi TV application.

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How to SideLoad My Wifi TV on Firestick by using the Downloader app?

1: Launch the “downloader application” on your firestick device.

downloader firestick
downloader firestick

2: Type “” and tap the “go” button. 

downloader url

3: Wait for a while until the download is complete.

4: After downloading, automatically, it will go to the installation page.

5: Then click the “ Install button” located on the right corner of the screen.

6: It will take some time to complete the process.

7: Now tap the “ open” button to access the My Wifi TV application.


Visit the official website on the official website of My WiFi TV IPTV and select Subscribe. You will be directed to a live chat where you can request the plan and choose one of the plans you want to sign up for. After the payment has been made, you will receive the necessary credentials. It is also possible to request the trial for 24 hours if you require it.


(1) Install your copy of My WiFi TV IPTV by using this download link on your Android tablet or smartphone.

2. Once you have installed then, launch the IPTV application.

3. Enter any name you want for your profile. Followed by the IPTV login and username.

4. Click Register and begin streaming IPTV channels from the Android device.

What Happened to My Wifi tv?

It shows the number of problems reported in the last 24 hours, compared to the average daily volume. Some issues can be reported throughout the day. Downdetector will only report an incident if the book of problem reports for that day is significantly greater than the usual volume. To learn more about Downdetector’s methods of collecting status information and detecting problems, visit the Downdetector page.

Keep your browser current Also, make sure that your browser is current. Go to the settings menu, check for updates, and restart your browser.

Be on the lookout for extensions. Browser extensions can slow down web pages. To test if your video streaming improves, disable any ad blocking extensions.

It’s curious to know what happened to my wifi tv. Here few possible reasons that are could be the reasons.

1. Server overload: Your host may suspend your website or remove it from a shared server if there is a significant surge to traffic to the site. If other sites on the shared server experience heavy traffic due to a harmful neighbour effect, it can also affect your site’s availability. If the host cannot handle the unexpected surge in traffic, it could cause a place to crash or render most of its functionality unusable. Another reason is that your server host may be updating their system, which could cause your site to be temporarily unavailable.

2. Malicious cyberattack (DDoS): Be aware of unusual spikes in traffic. You should be aware that hackers and malware could try to cause significant outages by sending unusual traffic to your site. DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service), an attack on your site that involves an extensive network of systems sending fake traffic to the site, is intended to bring down the site. If the site’s security protocols are not in place, it is vulnerable to attack.

3. Software and hardware issues: Surprisingly, power failure is still the most common reason for significant outages around the globe. Amazon in 2010 attributed major outages to a hardware problem. Unexpected hardware failures can be caused by a lack of a service program and periodic maintenance. If older versions of WordPress themes and plugins are installed, it can cause problems for users when they try to access your site.

4. Miscellaneous Causes: A study found that more than 40% of outages are caused by human error, such as

  • While working with a server, accidentally unplug a cord
  • Servers are being handled in an improper or rough manner
  • Neglecting to review the code properly or with carelessness

Amazon was unable to access its services for three hours for several hours due to a code error by an employee in 2017. Uncontrollable factors like natural disasters can also cause disruptions to your services.

mywifi tv chat

mywifi tv chat

mywifi tv chat Chat-based support can be described as a standard way of providing support or customer service that assists customers via mywifi tv chatbots or messaging apps. chatbot. Provided via live agents or AI or artificial intelligence (AI) chat support is a supplement to more traditional channels of customer service including email or voice. When it is provided with live support agents, chat service gives customers the chance to get answers in real-time as well as maintain human interaction and a sense of empathy. If a company decides to utilize a chatbot, assistance is available anytime, providing customers with the ability to solve simple problems any time of the day or evening.

My wifi tv Chat support lets customers communicate with brands at their convenience and without dialling a phone. Through Chat support, clients get immediate answers in real-time, which speeds up the resolution of issues and increases satisfaction with the service. When connected via live agent or chatbot, users can multitask and work towards solving the problem. Businesses that use chat support will see more satisfied customers and better relationships over time, saving time and costs.

mywifitv payment

mywifitv payment

The payment gateway can be described as a system employed by merchants to take credit or debit card transactions made by customers. This term covers not just the card readers that are found inside bricks and mortar retail shops but as well the payment processing portals that can be found on the internet in stores.

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Payment gateways are consumer-facing interfaces that collect information about payments.

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Payment gateways are also available that allow payment via cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin.

Wrapping Up

My Wifi TV app comes under IPTV services. It helps people to stream whatever they want to watch. My Wifi TV is considered a lightweight app that consumes only less than 10 MB of storage. You can use the above-given guidelines for other devices like Android TV boxes, fire sticks, etc.