How to Fix LG TV Error Code 137? | 6 Easy Ways |

Is your LG Smart TV showing 137 errors? Do not worry about it. It is just a generic issue. You can fix this error within a while. To know how then check this entire article and learn How to Fix LG TV Error Code 137. 

How to Fix LG TV Error Code 137?

Please do not harm your LG Smart TV by doing something on your device. Learn the procedures for this and then do follow the steps mentioned in the topics given in the following. So, dive right now into the content…

Why does LG TV Error Code 137 appear?

So, basically, the LG TV error code 137 has appeared on the screen when you have trying to access the YouTube App. There is no big to worry about, it is fixable. To fix it, we have to know, what things make this error. They are listed here;

  1. Broken Internet Connection
  2. Technical Glitch on LG Smart TV
  3. Older Version of Smart TV
  4. Using Older Version of YouTube App.
  5. Glitch on YouTube App.

So, most of them got positive results while fixing these issues when the LG TV error code 137 appears. Let us learn more about it in the following. If you would like to watch the Peacock on LG TV, click this link and grab the step-by-step guide.

How to Fix LG TV error code 137?

Now, you have some idea of the problem which makes this error 137 on your LG Smart TV. So, in the following sections, you can see the step-by-step guides to fix LG TV error code 137. Go with the topics…

Fix the Internet Connection

First, we have to focus on the Wi-Fi connection on your LG Smart TV. If Wi-Fi is not connected or keeps disconnecting, you can not be able to access any online streaming services on your TV. So, first, fix it right now. Follow the guide given below;

Connect Wi-Fi to LG Smart TV

  • First, Turn On your LG Smart TV.
  • Then, Grab the LG TV remote.
  • Click the Home Button.

Home Button on LG TV Remote

  • And, locate the Menu section of LG TV.
  • Now, click on the Network option from the list.

Network on LG TV

  • Select the Wi-Fi Connection tab.
  • Toggle it to Turn On it.
  • Now, Select your Wi-Fi Network.
  • And, enter the Wi-Fi password using an on-screen keyboard.
  • Tap the Enter option.

Now, get back to the Apps section and relaunch the YouTube app. Check, still, the LG TV error code 137 has appeared. If yes, try next.

Power Recycle Wi-Fi Router

  • First, Power Off the Router and LG Smart TV.
  • Unplug the Ethernet Cable from Router and LG Smart TV portal.

Power Cycle Wi-Fi Router

  • Also, unplug all the cables which are connected to the Smart TV.
  • Wait for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Then, Reconnect the Ethernet Cable.
  • And all other unplugged cables to LG TV and Router.
  • Power On the router and LG TV.

Now, locate the Network settings and confirm that Wi-Fi has connected. Launch the YouTube app and check the error code is disappeared. If not, please move to the next one. To watch the live sports 2023, you can choose the Sky Go on LG Smart TV.

Clear Cache on LG TV

If the unwanted Cache files are saved more on the Smart TV, it will also be the main problem streaming the online streaming services on the Smart TV. So, do follow the instructions below;

  • Tap the Home Button on LG TV remote.
  • Select and click on the Application Manager option.
  • Now, the apps are listed on the screen.
  • Tap on the YouTube app from the list.
  • And, click the Clear Cache tab.

After the Cache files on the YouTube app have cleared, it will run without any error.

Restart LG Smart TV to Fix LG TV Error Code 137

If still, you can see the LG TV error code 137 on your LG Smart TV screen, then restart your TV. The Steps are;

  • Just, Go near your LG Smart TV.
  • And, Locate the Power Button.
  • Press and Hold the Power Button for 5 to 10 seconds.

LG TV Power Button

  • Wait for a while.
  • Once, your LG TV turns off,
  • Plug Out the Power cable from the Socket.

Unplug Smart TV

  • Leave your LG TV for a minute.
  • After a minute, Plug In the power cable into the socket.
  • And, Turn On the LG TV.

Go to the Apps section. And launch the YouTube App. I hope, now the error has been fixed.

Update LG Smart TV to Fix LG TV Error Code 137

The older version of the LG TV Software is also not supported to access the online apps and few functions are also not stable to use. So, update your LG Smart TV now by following the steps below;

  • Click the Home Button on LG TV remote.

Home Button on LG TV Remote

  • Press the Settings button.
  • Select the General option and click on it.

General option on LG TV

  • Following that, click on the About this TV option.
  • Now, tap the Check for Updates button.

Check for Updates option on LG TV

  • If your LG Smart TV requires an update, it will show the download option.
  • Click the Download and Install button.

After tapping on the download option, do not press any buttons on the remote. And, do not Turn Off your Smart TV. Let the Smart TV to update the latest version. When the Software gets updated, your LG Smart TV has restarted. Now, launch the YouTube app and check LG TV error code 137 has disappeared. If still not, do the next method. Also, install the UFC on LG Smart TV to watch all 2023 Live PPV Events on your LG TV.

Update YouTube App to Fix LG TV Error Code 137

If YouTube has launched a new software version, you are not able to access the new features on the app. For a long time, if you have used the older version, the app will show the error for the update requirement. Here are the instructions;

  • Press the Home Button on LG TV remote.

Home Button on LG TV Remote

  • Now, click on the LG Content Store on the home page.

LG Content Store on LG TV

  • Select the Apps section.
  • Now, head to the My Apps option.
  • You can see the list of apps which are all required updates.
  • Select YouTube and click the Update button.
  • Once, the update gets finished,
  • Open the YouTube App on LG Smart TV.

And, enjoy streaming your favorite YouTube Channels or YouTube Shorts on your Smart TV screen.

Uninstall and Reinstall YouTube App on LG TV

At last, try this method to fix LG TV error code 137. First, check out the steps to uninstall the YouTube App and move to the installation process. Here they are;

Uninstall YouTube on LG TV

  • First, Click the Home Button on LG TV remote.

Home Button on LG TV Remote

  • Then, navigate to the bottom of the LG TV home screen.
  • Press the Right Directional Button on LG TV remote.
  • Click the right button until you have seen the Edit Apps list option.
  • Tap the Edit Apps List option.

Edit Apps Option on LG TV

  • Now, Select the YouTube App from the list.

Select YouTube on LG TV Edit Apps

  • And, click the Up Button on LG TV remote.
  • Click the Delete Icon once.
  • The LG TV asks you the confirmation to delete the app.
  • Click the Yes option.

Click Yes to Delete App on LG TV

  • Now, the YouTube app has been deleted.
  • Tap the Close option and get back to the previous page.

Close Edit Apps page on LG TV

Install YouTube on LG TV

To Get the Detailed Guide on How to Get YouTube TV on LG Smart TV? Check Out this attached Link.

LG Content Store on LG TV


Within 10 to 15 minutes, you can fix LG TV error code 137. Check out the topics given in this article. And grab the methods along with the step-by-step guide. If the six methods mentioned in this article is not work and still you have to see the error on your TV, Contact LG TV Customer Service. They will guide you until the problem gets fixed.