How to Install Kodi 20 on Firestick? Kodi 20.3 Nexus

There are so many ways to stream your favorite content, even if you are a cord-cutter. Then get to know the best way to stream on-demand and live TV content on your TV screen. Kodi is one of the amazing streaming apps that lets you stream a lot of content.  If you are getting curious about how to install Kodi 20 on Firestick? Then get to know through this below guide.

Kodi 20.0 and Kodi 20.3 Nexus on Firestick:

Kodi 20 is a cross-platform that lets you stream like an open-source media player. However, it is developed by the Kodi Foundation, which offers a plethora of features as well. The Kodi 19 Matrix is a previously launched from the past two years ago. So it has now launched an advanced version called Kodi 20.0 Nexus, and it allows many new features and improvements in its service. Along with this, you can enjoy the Kodi 20.3 Nexus on your Firestick.

Fire TV device is one of the most prevalent streaming devices that allows you to add many apps since it has a dedicated app store to download officially. If you have a Firestick device, then get to know whether Kodi is available on their Amazon App Store or not. If it is not officially available to install, then you can jailbreak it from the developer option. Get to know the answer for how to install Kodi 20 on Firestick in the further session.

How to Install Kodi 20 on Firestick?

How to Install Kodi 20 on Firestick?

Kodi is one of the best options to watch all your favorite content, including on-demand and live TV content. Moreover, it offers tons of content to stream from this service. Let’s get into the steps to install the Kodi 20 on Firestick.

Regrettably, Firestick doesn’t include the Kodi 20 app in their app store officially. So you can get this app by sideloading using the downloader or ES File Explorer app that is available in the app store directly. Get into the sideloading process to install the Kodi 20 on your Firestick device.

Enable Unknown Apps from Firestick:

To install any third-party apps, you have to enable the unknown sources option. To do that, go through the below instructions.

  • Move to the Settings icon or Gear icon from the right side of your screen.

Firestick Settings

  • Choose My Fire TV under the settings menu.

my fire tv

  • Then tap on the Developer Options.

developer option

  • Now click on Install Unknown Apps.

Enable apps from unknown sources

  • Turn it on by tapping on it.

Install the Downloader app:

  1. Avail into the Firestick Main menu by hitting the home button using the remote.
  2. Further, tap on the Find menu and then choose the Search option.Find Icon on Firestick
  3. After that, look for the downloader app.downloader app
  4. Then choose the official app to install on your Firestick.
  5. Tap on the Download tab and then start to install.
  6. Now launch it and open the app on your main menu.
  7. Locate the URL tab, then enter the Kodi 20 Nexus URL or Kodi 20.3 Nesus URL on the respective field.Downloader app
  8. Next, hit the GO button to install the APK file on your Firestick.
  9. Once it gets downloaded, then choose the Install tab.
  10. Again, click on the Open tab to launch the app on your Firestick.
  11. Successfully, you have installed the Kodi app on Fire TV by sideloading method.
  12. After that, tap on the Continue tab to start the Kodi app.
  13. Now tap again on the Allow tab to access the permission to access the media. Yes, you are done. You will get the Kodi 20 or 20.3 Nexus software on your Device.

Now you can start to explore all the live TV and on-demand content to stream on your Fire TV screen without any issues.

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Another Way to Install Kodi 20.3 on Firestick:

This step is applicable for both the 20 and 20.3 versions of Kodi Nexus. 

ES File Explorer is also one of the side-loading apps, but it is not as free as the downloader app. In case you are a user of the popular file manager app of ES File Explorer, then use this app to install Kodi 20 on your Firestick. Otherwise, you can use the Unlinked App Store to install Kodi 20 on your device.

1. Install Kodi 20.3 on Firestick via ES File Explorer:

Use the below procedures to install the Kodi 20 and 20.3 Nexus app on your Fire TV device using the ES File Explorer app.

  1. Locate to the Settings section >> My Fire TV >> Developer Options >> Apps from Unknown Sources.
  2. Go back to the Main menu by pressing the Home button and search ES File Explore.
    Note: If you have the ES File Explorer app on your Firestick, then skip these steps.
  3. Tap to install the app and then launch it.
  4. Visit the right side screen. You will see many icons.
  5. Choose the Downloader icon.
  6. Tap on the +New icon from the below screen.
  7. Input the Kodi 20 or 20.3 Nexus on the pop-up menu.
  8. Choose the Path option and name it according to your choice under the Name tab.
  9. Now tap the Download Now tab.
  10. After the app is downloaded successfully, tap the Open File tab.
  11. Tap to Install and then re-confirm it by clicking on it.
  12. Now you have successfully installed the Kodi app on your device.

2. Using AppStarter:

AppStarter is an amazing tool that helps to install and manage apps. However, you can use this app to update the Kodi whenever you get a new version. You can install the Kodi 20 on Firestick using the below simple steps.

  1. Launch the Downloader app and then enter into the URL tab.
  2. Input the Appstarter URL and tap on the install button.
  3. Next, launch the AppStarter app on your Firestick.
  4. Go to the Updates section from the left side of your screen.
  5. Tap on to install tab beside Kodi.install kodi 20 on firestick
  6. Once it gets installed, then tap on the Install tab.
  7. Again click the Done tab to launch the Kodi 20 on Firestick.

3. Get Kodi 20 on Firestick using the Unlinked App Store:

Use the given below instructions to install and stream the Kodi on your Firestick device. This installing app is applicable for the Kodi 20 or Kodi 20.3 Nexus Version on Firestick.

  • Open the Downloader app from your Firestick.
  • Locate the URL section, then enter into the
  • Then hit the Go button.
  • Tap the Download Android App and then tap to Install and open it.
  • Then, tap the Add a New Library tab.
  • Hit the code 12341234 or 51829986.
  • Choose Kodi 20 on the Firestick, then tap the Download tab.
  • Tap again on the Install tab and then click on Launch.
  • Finally, you have installed the Kodi 20 on your Firestick.

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How to update the Kodi app on Firestick?

Yes, you can update the Kodi 20 or 20.3 version app on Firestick without uninstalling the app. The first step of the updation is, to go to the Auto-update available on the Library tab. Also, you can update the step-by-step guide of the Amazon Fire TV. So get the newest version of Kodi 20.3 Nexus and add the Kodi repository to watch the movies.

Best Kodi Addons on 2024 – Kodi Repository 

You should have installed the repository to download any addons on Kodi. Also, these add-ons are legal to use. Moreover, you can use the add-ons to stream movies, TV shows, sports, live channels, and more. There are thousands of add-ons available on this app. You can install the Kodi app of 20 and 20.3 Nexus versions by following the given methods. In addition, we provided some add-ons for 2024 here,

  • Scrubs V2 
  • The crew
  • The Magic Dragon 
  • Asgard
  • Fen
  • Samsung TV Plus
  • Umbrella 
  • Ghost 
  • The TV app 

Apart from this, FOSDEM is the best add-on for Kodi. If you have more free time, then watch movies and series on the Kodi 20.3 Nexus with coffee.!

Wrapping Up:

As per the guide mentioned earlier, you can install Kodi 20 on Firestick by sideloading it. You can choose any of the methods from the four ways to sideload the Kodi 20.0 or Kodi 20.3 version app to your Fire TV. The one easy and simple method is using a downloader or otherwise. If you have an ES File Explore subscription, then go through this method. You can choose any of the methods according to your preference. If you have still questions regarding Kodi 20 on Firestick, mention them using the comment section.


1. Can I Install Kodi 20.3 Nexus on Firestick?

Yes, you can install the Kodi 20.3 Nexus on Firestick by following the given methods. Also, you can update your Kodi app from an older version of 20.0 to the Kodi 20.3 version without uninstalling the app. Moreover, you can get the add-on on your Kodi by downloading the repository.

2. Is Kodi 20 stable?

Kodi 20 is nowadays popular and hits huge stability across the milestone. Besides, it has been marked as more viable among users. Above all, Kodi 20 Nexus Beta 1 launched at first, and then it became more stable.

3. What are the best features of Kodi 20?

  • No Limits on Magic Build.
  • It has Breeze Lite.
  • Doomsday with the small build.
  • Blue Twilight
  • Misfit Mods Lite.