Game Pigeon Hacks. [8-Ball, Sea Battle and more]

Game Pigeon is the best app you can get on your iPhone or iPad with access to iMessage. Play the games offered by Game Pigeon with your friends and have a good time. But, will you be good after playing a losing game? Eventhoug the games on Game Pigeon is simple it might be hard to win against your friends. Here are some of the Game Pigeon hacks for your favorite games on iMessage. Use these hacks and learn how to increase your winning streak with your friends.

Game Pigeon

Game Pegion

Game Pigeon is an iMessage extension with a collection of two-player games you can play with your friends. You can download Game Pigeon from Apple App Store, available for iPhone and iPad. The games that you can play right now using the Game Pigeon extension are as follows,

8-Ball | Mini Golf | Basketball | Cup Pong | Archery | Darts | Tanks | Sea Battle | Anagrams | Mancala | Knockout | Shuffleboard | Chess | Checkers | Four in a Row | Gomoku | Reversi | 20 Questions | Dots and Boxes | 9-Ball | Word Hunt | Word Bites | Filler | Crazy 8!

Game Pigeon is working on adding more games to its extension. Here is the simple procedure to play your favorite game from Game Pigeon with your friends,

How to Play Games on iMessage using Game Pigeon?

  • Open the iMessage app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Load your message with someone you want to play games with.
  • Select the App Store icon from the bottom of your iMessage chat interface.
  • On the App Store search for the Game Pigeon app and install it.
  • Now under your iMessage chat interface, you can find the Game Pigeon icon.
  • Click on the icon and choose the game you want to play and send the message.
  • Once accepted by your friend you can tap on the Game message to start it.

Game Pigeon Hacks

Game Pigeon Hacks 8 Ball

8 ball game pegion

Easy Start: Aim for the fourth ball on the right side and hit it with full power. this will take two balls into the pot.

Get the correct angle: You will need a ruler, pencil, or any other straight objects you can place on your phone screen. You can use it to find the angle of the correct angle. After placing the correct angle control the power of the shot to pot your ball.

Mancala Hacks – Win every game!!!

Mancala Game Pegion hacks

Get a free turn: If you are the first person to start, make sure to start from the 4th hole. This way you will get a free turn to start.

Gather More Stones: You need to make sure to capture your opponent’s stones by finishing your turn opposite to theirs with the most stones. It is better to make your opponents lose their stones from their holes.

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Simple Hacks for Anagrams on Game Pigeon

anagrams game pegion

To get an easy win on anagrams you will need the help of the website All you have to do is get the scrambled words on the site and select unscramble. You will get the results for all the words that can be made using the scrambled word. This little hack can help you overpower your friends while playing Anagrams on Game Pigeon.

Word Hunt Hacks

Word Hunt

Start the Word Hunt game with your friend and on other devices like your PC visit site. Here you can set the size of the word hunt and enter the letters in the grid as same as you got on your Game Pigeon, a word hunt game. Select a dictionary and tap on the Find The Words option. Use the results to win the Word Hunt habe on Game Pigeon.

Word Hunt Solver

Darts Hacks on iMessage

Game Pegion Darts game

There is a simple hack for Darts, that can make you win easily. All you have to do is create a new gesture on your iPhone. The procedures to do so are as follows,

  • Go to the iPhone settings menu.
  • Select Accessibility and tap on the touch option.
  • Now choose Assistive Touch and select the Create New Gesture… option.
  • You can now swipe from bottom to top without lifting your finger and save the gesture as Darts.

Now get back to the Darts game on Game Pigeon and again go to Accessibility settings, select Custom, and tap on the saved gesture. It will take some practice to get the right throw and then you will be the master of darts. With this, you can easily beat your friends in a game of Darts on Game Pigeon.

Cup Pong Winning Tricks

Cup Pong

Cup Pong never gets boring, because it is one of the best party games to play. You can play this game with your friends through iMessage using the Game Pigeon extension. To win Cup Pong games here are some of the Game Pigeon hacks you can try

  • On your First turn try to put the ball in the cup placed in the middle. Becasue you do not require any correct angle to put it. And even if you miss it, the ball will land on other nearby cups.
  • Now you can try to put the ball in the nearest cup, which is easy and there is no need for much concentration.
  • You can use a ruler to get the correct angle to put the balls in the cup you want.

Eventually, these tricks will help you win the Cup Pong Game Pigeon Game with your friend.

Sea Battle Game Pigeon Hacks

Sea Battle Game Pegion

Sea Battle is one of the most played games on Game Pigeon. All you have to do in this game is find enemy ships and sink them down. And you need to place your ships in a manner that your enemy finds difficult to attack. There are simple tricks you can use to ensure you win in a game of Sea Battle.

  • You can either guess or take your luck to find your opponent’s ships. If you find it then demolish it by hitting the pattern.
  • Find your next target by firing near the area of the demolished ship and continue on with the rampage.
  • Try not to place your ships in a pattern or near the corners because it makes it easier for your opponent to find them.

This will be a game of luck and strategy and you have to believe in your attack strategy to win the game on Game Pigeon.

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GameSeagull for Game Pigeon

Get Game Pigeon Cheats with GameSeagull on your iPhone with iOS 13-14 and be the winner of every game. You cna get the newest cheat for Game Pigeon from The hack you can do on Game Pigeon with GameSeagull are as follows,

8 ball, 8 ball+, 9 ball

  • Extended trajectory lines
  • Disable hard mode
  • Always show trajectory lines
  • RGB trajectory lines

Sea Battle

  • The game is over once you can see your enemy ships and the GameSeagull hack helps you to see them.


  • The enemy of archery, the wind will be disabled. You can just shoot straight at the target and win.

Word Games

  • Word unscrambler (Anagrams + Wordhunt)
  • Auto win (Anagrams)

Darts and Cup Pong: It just takes one shot to win the round.

Mini Golf: Just place the shot and you will get an auto hole in one

Tanks: Aim at the target and just shoot without worrying about wind speed.

If you are using the new version of iOS, then it will be not possible to use GameSeagull to win games on Game Pigeon.

Enjoy Gaming!!!

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