Football on Samsung TV Plus-Live NFL 2023

If you people are football lovers. This article is for you. This article will give some ideas for watching football matches on Samsung TV. If you are using the Samsung TV, then you can watch the sports directly by searching the channel number. But in Samsung Plus, this hit differently. Other than Samsung devices, you should install this app to watch football. Sometimes, you get Football on Samsung TV Plus but not all the time. So to know, how to get Football matches on your TV using the Samsung TV Plus app, just read the below article.

Football on Samsung TV Plus

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Can we watch football on Samsung TV Plus

Yes, you guys can enjoy the football on Samsung TV Plus. In addition, this app has a separate tab for sports categories. On that, you can watch matches from anywhere in the world. Samsung TV Plus is an app that provides video services for viewers. This app is available in the Google Play store and Apple Play Store. You can install it freely. Moreover, if you guys have a Samsung TV, this app will be available by default. This app provides entertainment content, like news, sports, movies, and so on. This app can be used by many people and is available all over the world. So if you are not able to install the app from the store, just use the proxy internet connections or use the VPN services.

What Football channels does the Samsung TV Plus have? 

Samsung TV Plus on

This Football on Samsung TV Plus has many channels for its customers. If you guys are a Soccer lover, you guys should try this app at least once. Because in the stadium, you can just see the match from the distance. But in-app you can enjoy the match near you, which is also available in HD versions. Not only sports, but you can also enjoy the entertainment channels on this app. So spend your free time with your friends by watching the Samsung TV Plus. In addition, You can watch football on Samsung TV Plus with these below listed Channels ;

  • FIFA+
  • NFL
  • CBS Sports
  • DAZN
  • Football channel
  • fubo sports networks
  • THE Rugby Network
  • Stadium
  •  IGN
  • Lively Place
  • ACC Digital Network and so on.

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How to watch Football on Samsung TV Plus

Already you guys know that the Samsung TV Plus is totally free and you guys can use this app on Android TV. Also, it supports only a few Android mobiles and it depends on the version of the device, but if you are using the Samsung mobile, you guys are lucky. You people can enjoy this Samsung Plus app on the TV. Moreover, if you have Smart TVs launched between 2016 and 2023. This app will be available preinstalled

How to Install the Samsung TV Plus App? 

To add the Samsung Plus to your TV, just follow the steps.

  • Check your network connections.
  • Search for Google Play Store.
  • Find the Samsung TV Plus on the search bar.
  • Select the legal app from the listed apps.
  • Tap on the install button.
  • Wait for the installation process. That’s it!

You are done. Just take the bowl of popcorn with coke and enjoy the Soccer match on the HD versions.

Sign in to the Samsung TV Plus app

Sign Up Samsung TV Plus

You can sign in to the Samsung TV Plus using your Samsung or Google account. After completing the installation process. Now, we can see the sign-in steps below.

  • Turn on your TV
  • Tap on the settings menu.
  • Select the general and system manager
  • Tap on Samsung or Google account
  • Follow the instructions that are displayed on the screen.
  • Now, it’s Done! You guys can enjoy the Football on Samsung TV Plus app is installed and signed in successfully.

After completion of the installation process and installation process, You can enjoy the Soccer game on your TV. But you should know the channel number for the sports channel, that telecast the football game. So to know more details about this channel, scroll through the article.

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Watch football on Samsung TV Plus via FIFA+ 

How to get Samsung TV Plus

The channel number of FIFA+ is 1156 on the Samsung Plus app. If this channel number is not available on your TV? just check the channel guide of the Samsung Plus. This channel guide is available on the official site of Samsung Plus. In addition, FIFA is mainly created and targeted for Soccer lovers. FIFA World Cup plays a major role all over the world. In recent days, Messi fans become mad at Messi and that was the last game in his history. Also, he said that he has no plan to participate in the next FIFA Match. But the match is not easy, because Kylian Mbappe gives a tough knockout to the whole of Argentina. So to watch this interesting game in HD version gives too much hype. So don’t miss the upcoming matches of FIFA on Samsung Plus Via FIFA+.

Watch football on Samsung Plus- NFL Games

Football on Samsung TV PLus

If you guys are the die-hard fan of the NFL games. Also, this is the most popular sport in the US and has a separate fan base. But the dissatisfaction of the Samsung Plus is, that this NFL network is not telecasted separately like other channels. But you can enjoy the NFL shows on the Samsung TV Plus app. In addition, You can watch this NFL on given channels

  • NFL Channel
  • CBS Sports
  • Yahoo sports
  • Fox Sports
  • NBC Sports
  • ESPN
  • NFL Network

Football on Samsung TV Plus is a free service that offers access to various channels. So NFL game is also available for free. Moreover, to know the schedule just visit the official site of the NFL Networks. So you can enjoy your favorite sports on this app.

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NFL schedule

You guys can enjoy these NFL shows on the listed channels. Also, the schedule for the upcoming events is given below.

NFL Schedule – 2023
Date Day Time NFL Matches
12-10-2023 Thursday 8.15 pm
Broncos VS chiefs
9.30 am
Ravens VS Titans
1.00 pm
Panthers VS Dolphins
Saints VS Texans
Commanders VS Falcons
Colts VS Jaguars
Seahawks VS Bengals
Vikings VS Bears
49ers VS Browns
4.05 PM
Patrrriots VS Raides
4.25 PM
Lions VS Buccaneers
Cardinals VS Rams
Eagles VS Jets
8.20 PM Giants VS Bills
16-10-2023 Monday 8.15 PM
Cowboys VS Chargers
19-10-2023 Thursday 8.15 PM
Jaguars VS Saints
1.00 PM
Falcons VS Buccaneers
Raiders VS Bears
Browns VS Colts
Commanders VS Giants
Lions VS Ravens
Bills VS Patriods
4.05 PM
Cardinals VS Seahwks
4.05 PM
Steelers VS Rams
4.25 PM
Chargers VS chiefs
4.25 PM
Packers VS Broncos
8.20 PM
Dolphins VS Eagles
23-10-2023 Monday 8.15 PM
49ers VS Vikings
26-10-2023 Thursday 8.15 PM
Buccaneers VS Bills
1.00 PM
Jets VS Giants
Jaguars VS Steelers
Eagles VS Commanders
Rams VS Cowboys
Vikings VS packers
Falcons VS Titans
Patriots VS Dolphins
Giants VS Colts
Texans VS Panthers
Patriots VS Dolphins
Giants VS Colts
Texans VS Panthers
4.05 PM
Browns VS Seahwks
4.25 PM
Bengals VS 49ers
Chiefs VS Broncos
Ravens VS Cardinals
8.20 PM
Bears VS Chargers
30-10-2023 Monday 8.15 PM
Raiders VS Lions

Football matches on Samsung TV Plus – CBS Sports 

How to watch Football on Samsung TV PLus

If you guys are already a Samsung TV Plus user, you can enjoy the football match with your friends. The channel number for the CBS Sports HQ is 1152. Also, CBS Sports is another channel that is available on TV Plus and also broadcasts the NFL games. You can enjoy CBS sports by searching on the given channel number. Also, you can enjoy the live streaming apps on the TV plus apps. In addition, if you dont have CBS on the given channel number, dont get worried. Just check the channel number on the channel lineup of the official site.

Yahoo Sports 

Football on Samsung TV PLus

This Yahoo sports channel is not available on the Samsung TV Plus. But this sports channel is available on the Samsung TV. Already you guys know that this Samsung TV Plus is a free source available in the Google Play Store. To install and sign up. This Yahoo sports cover many games like NFL, NBA, MMA, Boxing, Cricket, Tennis, Cycling, and so on.

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Sports Channel Number on Samsung Plus

Samsung TV Plus

The Sports channel number of the Samsung TV Plus is given below. These are sports channels where football plays a major role. So if you are the

Channel Name
Channel Number
CBS Sports HQ 1152
T2 1154
Golf pass 1155
Bein Sports Xtra 1157
Fubo Sports Network 1158
Stadium 1159
Outside 1178
Waypoint TV 1184
DraftKings Network 1168
Surf Now TV 1173
FIFA+ 1156
NHRA TV 1193


You guys are football lovers and you guys are Samsung TV users. Just try the above methods to watch Messi, Neymar, and so many players on your Samsung TV. Also, comment on your favorite channel to watch football. Moreover, if you people have any other ideas apart from this method, just comment in the comment box. This helps me to know the other methods to watch football. Finally, enjoy your golden days by watching the football on your Samsung TV.