How to Watch F1 TV on Xbox? Smart TV

If are you an Xbox Gaming console User then you can use this console of playing games, and watch Live TV programs on Streaming services and also you can stream On-demand Streaming services. Now in this year 2023, you can get to stream F1 racing Game tournaments. That event will be telecasted on the F1 Channels, You can get a Chance to stream an F1 Car Racing tournament on the Xbox Game Console. If you want to know How to Watch F1 TV on Xbox? Then you can refer to this article and collect all the valid points and watch F1 events and Tournaments on this Xbox. Don’t miss the event to watch it. Let’s get started reading this article.

How to Watch F1 TV on Xbox

Can I get F1 TV on Xbox?

The Formula One Channel is called F1 TV and this application is popular for telecasting Internation car Racing events and tournaments on this Application. The F1 Tv content is available on various content such as Apps, Webs, Google TV, Roku, Amazon fire TV, and Apple TV. But it is not available on the Xbox console. To be sure, you can stream the Formula Once content on the Xbox in a direct Way. But you have a chance to watch F1 content on the Xbox screen. You can use a screen mirroring method or use any F1 TV available streaming application to watch its content on the Xbox Gaming Console.

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How Much is the Cost of F1 TV on Xbox?

The F1 TV is a Subscription application you have to pay for the subscription to stream its content. F1 is the most popular car racing game. Let’s Subscribe to the F1 Tv and gets its offers and Plans. Look out for the below Image to know much more information about the Subscription for F1 TV.

f1 tv subscription plan

Whereas the F1 TV pro gives programs from F1, F2, and F3 races. Moreover, the F1 TV can access stream the content only the Highlights and replay of the Matches.

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How to Watch F1 TV on Xbox?

F1 TV is not available on the Xbox App Store directly. You cannot stream it on the screen directly. For this reason, you have to use the screen mirroring method to watch F1 TV on the Xbox screen. Here we will share the procedure to get the F1 car race on the Xbox streaming device. Follow the steps.

The steps are

  • For this process, you have to pair your Xbox console with your Smart TV first.
  • Next, You have to switch on your Xbox Console and fix the proper internet connection.
  • From the home screen of the Xbox and move to the Xbox store.
  • After that, you have to find the Air Server application on your device.
  • If you find that icon then you have to press the download option and the application is start installation on your device.
  • Next, you have to fix the smartphone and Xbox device with the same and stable internet connection.
  • At the same time, you have to install the Air server application on your Smartphone.
  • On your Xbox screen and click the A button by using the Directional Pad.
  • Launch the QR code in the Air Server application to find it on your Xbox screen.
  • Once it’s connected then you have to Open the F1 TV application on your Smartphone and Log in with your account.
  • If you finished the process then you have to stream the F1 Car racing on the Xbox Screen.

Alternate Way to Watch F1 TV on Xbox Through ESPN Application

You should know that the F1 application is not officially available on the Xbox app store. For this reason, we will share the alternate application to watch F1 on the Xbox console. Here we will illustrate the information to watch the F1 car race on the ESPN Application. In case, you have a valid provider subscription then you have to install the ESPN Application on the Xbox device and stream the F1 Race.

The Steps are

  • Before you proceed with the steps you have to turn on your Xbox console and Fix it with a stable internet connection.
  • Next from the Home page move to the Xbox app store.
  • By using the search bar type “ESPN” and click to find the application.
  • Hit the application from the result and click the Install option.
  • Once the application is installed then you should subscribe to the application.
  • And then you have to sign in with your account.

Activate the ESPN application

  • Open the installed application and the screen will show the activation code. Note it down.
  • And use an ESPN website on your smartphone or PC and fill in the Activation code on the required field.
  • Once the application is activated. By using this ESPN application you have to search for the F1 TV on the ESPN app and watch its F1 race tournament on the Xbox Streaming device.

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2023 Trending F1 on Xbox

Now, this year is the 74th season of the Motor Car Racing Championships and international motorsport. You can watch this tournament on this F1 TV application. Moreover, this car racing tournament is started in March and ends in November. Most Important, you can get to watch entire events on this Formula One TV application. Also, we demonstrate the schedule for this F1 Car racing Game. It will help you to know the time and the Date for the event is held on. Check out the below tabular column.

Schedule for F1 [2023]

F1 Car Schedule on 2023
Date Rounds Countries Events
April 28-30 Round 4 Azerbaijan
Formula one Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2023.
May 05-07 Round 5 United States
Formula 1 Crypto. com Miami Grand Prix 2023
May 19-21 Round 6 Italy
Formula 1 Qatar Airways Grand Premio Del Made in Italy Dell Milia- Romagna 2023
May 26-28 Round 7 Monaco
Formula one Grand Prix DE Monaco 2023
June 02-04 Round 8 Spain
Formula one AWS Grand Premio DE ESPANA 2023
June 16-18 Rounds 9 Canada
Formula One Pirelli Grand Prix De Canada 2023
June- July 30-02 .Round 10 Austria
Formula 1 Gross[er Preis Von Osterreich 2023
July 07-09 Round 11 Great Britain
Formula one Aramco British Grand Prix 202
July 21-23 Round 12 Hungary
Formula 1 Qatar Airways Hungarian Grand Prix 2023
July 28-30 Round 13 Belgium
Formula one Belgian Grand Prix 2023
August 25-27 Round 14 Netherlands
Formula one Heineken Dutch Grand Prix 2023
September 01-03 Round 15 Italy
Formula One Pirelli Gran Premio Ditalia 2023
September 15-17 Round 16 Singapore
Formula one Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix 2023
September 22-24 Round 17 Japan
Formula one Lenovo Japanese Grand Prix 2023
October 06-08 Round 18 Qatar
Formula One Qatar Airways Qatar Grand Prix 2023
October 20-22 Round 19 United States
Formula One Lenovo United States Grand Prix 2023
October 27-29 Round 20 Mexico
Formula one grand DE LA Ciudad DE mexico 2023
November 03-05 Round 21 Brazil
Formula One Rolex Grande Premio De Sao Paulo 2023
November 16-18 Round 22 United States
Formula One Heineken Silver Las Vegas Grand Prix 2023
November 24-26 Round 23 Abu Dhabi
Formula One Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2023

The Ending Words

Now you got the Idea to watch F1 TV on Xbox Gaming Console. Here in the above article shared information about the solution to stream an F1 TV on the Xbox. You can stream only by using a Screen mirroring method. Additionally, you can use an ESPN application to watch F1 Car Racing Game. Also, we included the schedule for the F1 Car racing for this year 2023. Let’s get watch the Rocking car racing events on the Xbox.