How to Get Dark Mode on Snapchat: Android & Ios

Enable Snapchat Dark mode: Snapchat is one of the most excellent applications in social media. It has fantastic features. Snapchat is not only for snaps, even for chats. The chats on Snapchat will disappear automatically within 24 hours. Due to users’ requests, Snapchat introduces a dark theme. 

Enable Dark mode snapchat

Before bedtime, most people use mobile phones to check out their social media. The brightness of the mobile will affect the eyes of the user. Strain and stress will make as eyes dull. Even the mobile phone’s default brightness decrease can’t help people from eye stress.

Snapchat, by enabling night mode features, will get a dark theme on the background of mobile phones. Enabling dark mode in messaging apps like WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger, and Snapchat will not guarantee to affect the eyes still comparatively less harmful for users. A dark theme reduces the stress on the eyes and even saves the energy of the mobile battery. If your mobile has an OLED, QLEd screen, it functions excellent. Let’s discuss how to get dark mode on Snapchat and its features with step by step Guide.

How to Enable Night Mode On Snapchat For Android & IOS Users?  

Snapchat Dark Mode for iPhone Users:

 If you are an iPhone user, it is burdensome to enable a dark mode that all you require is UI. For some users still, UI is accessible; those users can enable dark mode on the Snapchat app. It is not that easy to get UI. It will not obtain in Appstore too. To enable this feature, iPhone users should have to jailbreak their devices. If your phone is already a jailbroken iPhone, you can follow these steps to enable dark mode. 

snapchat ifile dark mode

  • Install iFile from Cydia
  • From the option “Click here to download.” 
  • Then, download your required package and next tap ‘open.
  • After opened, finally, tap installer and grab the package
  • The feature is Installed on the IOS device.

Now, Restart your iPhone and enjoy the most remarkable feature of a dark mode on Snapchat.

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snapchat darkmode

How to Enable Snapchat For Android Users?

Half of the world’s People are Android users. You can enable dark mode On Android phones, too, Now follow the steps to enable night mode on Snapchat.

  • Go into ‘Settings‘, and scroll to get the ‘security‘ option.
  • Then, from the security option, select ‘Lock screen and security.
  • Enable unknown sources from the option. 
  • For Samsung Galaxy S8 or above model, download the ‘Samsung Integration App‘.
  • Go to the play store, then download the substratum and install it on your device.
  • Open the substratum and choose the Theme all your choice.
  • Select the device and name of the application to install dark mode.
  • Finally, click install to enable the dark mode feature on your device and relish your Snapchat time.

The night mode helps our message, but even this app also facilitates night mode for Snapchat snaps. If you are taking pictures will not seem clear as compared to daytime. Luckily, Snapchat offers a unique feature; if you are taking pictures in a dark time, Snapchat finds out dark, and it shows a white moon.

If it doesn’t detect the dark, you have to put your finger on the camera lens for seconds, and it shows a white moon on your screen, which means your picture will be clear and straightforward. Snapchat will find the hack soon and will not function anymore. The night mode will be turned off.

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To closure: 

We hope this will be a good description for iPhone and Android users to enable dark mode on their screens. This information will do amazing things to free from eye stress and now happily relish your snap and chat times on Snapchat. 

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