How to Connect Chromecast in DLNA/UPnP? Support

This is the ultimate guide to set up Chromecast DLNA/UPnP in 2022.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll cover:

  • How DLNA works
  • How to Share File for DLNA Devices
  • You will Learn How to Setup a DLNA Server
  • How to Connect DLNA device to Chromecast
  • Lots more

Let’s get started.

Chromecast dlna

DLNA( Digital Living Network Available) is a device that helps you to watch local videos, audios, pictures through the network. And you can share digital media among other media devices. It is also considered a multimedia device that helps people communicate with each other. Windows media player will be the best choice to communicate with other media services and devices. All devices can probably support DLNA like Xbox 360, Xbox One, Play station 3.

How do DLNA works?

dlna upnp chromecast

You can connect a DLNA device with a home network like a PC or Android phone. Once it is connected, you can browse folders on your server from the television screen and choose your favorite music, photos, videos, movies, and so on. 

What exactly is what is the DLNA feature?

Digital Living Network Alliance or DLNAcertified devices let you connect devices in your home using your home Wi-Fi network. For instance, you could configure your VAIO computer to act as a DLNA server and connect to images, videos, and music on your television. Sony produces a variety of DLNA-certified products like Blu-ray Disc players, TVs, computer systems, Sony smartphones, tablets, and many Review the specifications or manuals for your device to find DLNA compatibility details

How does DLNA work?

DLNA capable devices are able to connect to home networks as a smartphone or computer. Once the connection has been established, you can access the folders you want to browse within your media server computer directly from the TV screen. You can select songs that you wish to hear or images and videos to stream.

A file-sharing program like Windows Media Player, VAIO Media server software, Serviio DLNA Media server Twonky suite, or EyeConnect UPnP, the AV Media Streaming Software which provides the connection between your computer and TV.

Files from music are listed according to the artist’s name, title the date of release, and cover art, whereas images are displayed as thumbnails to make it easy to select. Videos are listed in order of their file names. It is easy to scroll to the music, video, or image file and then click the file to play it or play it.

What is required to view photos, videos or listen to music on a DLNA-enabled device?

The following are required to view pictures or videos or to listen to music on a DLNA enabled device:

  • An Active Network A Network Active is required to be connected via wired or wireless connections to your home’s high-speed Internet connection or to a Local Area Network (LAN).
  • DLNA Certified Digital Media Server This device store media content and allow it to be accessed by connected digital media players on networks as well as personal computers as well as network-attached storage units (NAS).
  • DLNA Certified Digital Media Player or Client The devices are capable of locating videos and photos that are stored on various DLNA Certified devices and play them on your television or stereo system as well as home theater systems. Blu-ray disc players as well as game consoles.

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Available File Sharing Applications for DLNA Devices

Windows media player, VAIO media server software, Twonky suite, eye connect UPnP AV media software, and serviio DLNA media server. These applications give the interface between Network and PC. You can get the music list with Title, description, artist name, album name, released date, and work art. For quick selection, you can use thumbnails. Scroll down the screen a bit and choose your music list to watch and enjoy your time with your favorite music.

Features of DLNA:

  • DLNA device will help you get and share the content around your house wifi network.
  • You can access photos, videos, music on your TV using the VAIO computer as a DLNA server.
  • Sony TV supports devices like Blue-ray Disc players, Televisions, Sony Smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.
  • It will give videos and audios of good quality.

How to Setup a DLNA Server?

1: An active Network

It requires a wired and wireless connection with a high-speed Internet connection.

2: DLNA Certified digital media server

This kind of device will help you store your favorite content, and it will be accessible for other media players, PC, and NAS.

3: A DLNA certified digital media player

This will help you get photos, videos, and other files from other DLNA servers, and you can play it on your system, TV, Blue-ray Disc player, and game consoles.

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How to Connect DLNA device to Chromecast?

Basic needs

Google Chromecast

Wifi connection

Connecting cable

Smartphone/smart TV

1: Go to the play store and install the bubble UPnP App.

2: Connect it with the power source.

3: Check whether your Chromecast wifi and TV wifi are connected with the same wifi or not.

4:  From your device, connect to tp-link.

5: Now go back to the bubble UPnP app.

6: Next, you have to select the renderer that is your TV, not a calendar for the TV.

7: Then go to the library and select a video.

8: Move to the input list and set it on any signals like HDMI TV.

9: Next select video and play. Now you can stream videos from Chromecast to TV.

How to Stream Videos from Android Phone by Using DLNA?

Wrapping Up

DLNA devices will be a good option for people to watch whatever they want. The above-given method and information help people to know the features and usage of the DLNA device. We hope this article will help you connect the DLNA device to Chromecast.

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