How to Cinemax on Firestick ? 7 Easy Methods

What gives you the Max-imum Number of Hits with Blockbuster Movies? The One which has Something max. Imagine it being a Cinemin Channel? How Weird – It cannot just offer you a Minimum. That is Why we have here the Guide on How to Get Cinemax on Firestick in So many different methods to try on.

How to Cinemax on Firestick

Do not wait and Start Scrolling to get the Maximum Experience of Enjoying the Maximum Content on the Channel.

Is it Possible to Stream Cinemax on Firestick?

Yes, It is possible to Stream the Cinemax on your Amazon Firestick. Although you cannot access it via the Direct Installation Method. You will need to Look for Alternative Ways that can help be helpful to you.

How to Get Cinemax on Firestick?

As Cinemax is a Premium Cable TV Channel that is available to Stream on any Device with Cable TV login to Access the Streaming. Or You can also use any Other Live TV Streaming Service to get the App and Access its Content.

Though there is no Direct App to Install and which says a No to Direct Method of Installation, we sure have to go for the Alternatives. Let us Straight get into the Ways to Get the Cinemax App on your Amazon Firestick Device.

Sideloading is One of the First Methods that you can try. On your Firestick Device, You can sideload third-party apps.

Sideload Cinemax on Firestick :

Installing any Third Party Apps on the Amazon Firestick can be done in two ways as follows ;

♦Via Downloader Method.

♦Using Amazon Silk Browser.

Install Cinemax on Firestick Via Downloader: APK METHOD 

  • Firstly, Make Connections and Turn ON your Firestick Connected TV.
  • Now, Press the Home Button on your Remote and Access the Home Screen on your Device.

Get the Downloader App :

  • On the Main Menu, Click on the Find Option and then Tap on the Search Option.
  • Using the Virtual Keyboard, Type DOWNLOADER and Press Ok to Search for the App.

Downloader on Firestick

  • Select the Downloader App under the results and then Click on GET or DOWNLOAD to Install it on your Amazon Firestick Device.

Enable the Apps from Unknown Sources :

  • On your Firestick Device, Go to the Settings (On the Right Side of the Home Screen ). Select the Gear Icon.
  • Select the My Fire TV and then Click on Developers Options.

Stream Cinemax on Firestick

  • Choose Install Unknown Apps and then Downloader.
  • Turn ON the Toggle to Allow the Downloader App to Install apps from Unknown Sources.
  • Now, Move on to the Final Steps to get access to the Cinemax App on your Device.

Steps to Install Cinemax App :

  • Launch the Downloader App, And on the Home Page, You will see the URL Box.

Stream Cinemax on Firestick

  • Enter the Cinemax Apk URL on the Space Given and then Click on the GO Button.
  • Wait until the APK FILE gets downloaded, Now Open the File.

Cinemax on Firestick

  • Tap on the Install Button and then Open the App to Launch it on your Firestick Device.
  • Finally, You can Start Streaming the Movies and all the Content that you want with the Cinemax App on your Firestick.

Get Cinemax on Firestick using the Amazon Silk Browser :

By using the Amazon Silk Browser, You can install and get access to the app in two possible ways. Both are Simple and Quite easy to do. So, Follow the Below Instructions and get it done. Right now.

Get the App using the Official Cinemax Website :

  • Firstly, Access the Firestick Home and Click on the Find Menu > Click on the Search.

Download Amazon Silk Browser on Firestick

  • With the help of the On Screen Keyboard, Type Internet Browser and Select it from the Search Results.
  • Choose the Internet Icon, Click on the Download Button, and Install the Amazon Silk Browser.
  • Wait until the Installation gets completed.
  • Click on Open to access the Installed Browser on your Firestick and Tap on the Accept terms in the app.
  • As soon as you launch the App, the tab will be displayed on your screens.
  • On the Search bar, Type the URL Link for the Cinemax App and make sure it is correct.
  • You will be navigated to the  Cinemax Official Website.

Stream Cinemax

  • On the Home Page, Scroll and Select your TV Service Provider and Log in using your Credentials.
  • Click on the Login Button and Start your Free trial ( If you do not have an existing account ).
  • For New Users, Enter your Email ID and Password to Log in.
  • Finally, You can Start Streaming the Cinemax on Firestick via the Official Website.

Other Ways you can use to Get the App on your Amazon Firestick. Scroll down and Continue Reading to access the App and Start Streaming the Movies and Other Amazing Content on your Device.


  • Access the Firestick Home > Select the Find menu > Click on the Search Option.
  • Type Internet Browser > Install the App > Launch the Amazon Silk Browser.
  • On the tab, Go to the Search bar and type USTVGO URL Link.
  • Click on the Go Button.

Cinemax on Firestick Via USTVGO

  • You will be navigated to the USTVGO Official Website on your Firestick Device.
  • From the List of Options, Choose the Cinemax.

At last, you can start to stream the Cinemax Content Via the USTVGO on your Firestick. To learn more, Click here for the Installation Guide: USTVGO 

Alternatives to Get Cinemax on Firestick :

If you do not have an Existing Subscription to the Cable TV Provider, You can get access to the App Without actually Cable TV. Though Cinemax is a Cable TV and Does require Log in Credentials. But You can still get the Streaming without a Cable TV Provider.

Get Cinemax on your Firestick without Cable TV by Opting for an Online Streaming Service with which you can Stream any Content you want.

Cinemax on Amazon Prime Video :

  • You can add Cinemax as an add-on on Amazon prime Video that Costs a Subscription of $ 9.99 per month.
  • On your PC, Go to the Amazon Website.

Sign in Amazon Prime Video Firestick

  • Tap on the Sign in button and Log in using your Amazon Account Credentials.
  • Now, Click on the YOUR PRIME VIDEO Option.
  • Choose the Channels Option and You will get a List of the Add ons available.
  • Search for the Cinemax and Select the Channel on the Amazon Prime Video.
  • Click on the Channel and Log in to your Cinemax Account or You can also Buy the Subscription.
  • Launch the Amazon Prime Video App again on your Firestick and You can Stream the Cinemax Channel on your Device.

The Channel is also available on Other OTT Streaming Apps with a Valid Subscription.

How to get Cinemax Via Streaming Services?

Some Streaming Platforms let you Watch the Content of the Cinemax Channel. Such as the Follows ;

  • Hulu + Live TV.
  • AT& T TV Now.
  • YouTube TV.
  • DirecTV.
  • The Roku Channel.

Hulu + Live TV on Firestick :

Cinemax on Hulu

If you already have Hulu Installed and Subscribed to your Streaming Devices, You can Choose this as the way to Stream Blockbuster Movies. This is one of the Great Options to Choose from.

  1. Subscribe to Hulu+ Live TV Subscriptions and then add the ADD ON PACK to get your Desired Channel.
  2. Hulu + Live TV Costs $ 9.99 Per Month as an Add-on Pack to Get Cinemax on Hulu on any Compatible Devices.
  3. You can also Start the DAY FREE TRIAL and Cancel Anytime You want.

Learn the Installation Procedure by Clicking on this:  Hulu on Firestick

DirecTV Stream on Firestick : 

Another Top Pick to Watch the Cinemax on Firestick is the DirecTV Stream Services. With this, you can get the Streaming of Movies at an Affordable cost.

To get access to Streaming Cinemax on your DirecTV Stream, You can choose to Subscribe to any of the DirecTV Plans below.

  • Entertainement Plan : $69.99 Per Month .
  • Choice Package: $89.99 Per Month.
  • Ultimate Package: $104.99 as a Monthly Plan.
  • Premier Package: $149.99 Per Month.

All these plans include the Channel that you want. Choose One and Get access.

To Know more about the DirecTV Stream, Do Visit: DIRECTV App on FireStick

YouTube TV on Firestick : 

A Streaming Service app that offers a Wide Collection of Channels and Apps to Stream.

  • Enjoy the Movies with the YouTube TV Plan which costs $ 64.99 Per Month.

Amazon Prime Video : 

You are using an Amazon Fire TV Stick and you can surely use Amazon Prime Video on your Device to get the Streaming of your Favourite. Amazon Prime Video does include the Channel that you want as an Add on Plan with its Regular Plan.

Though it is a Bit Expensive with the Costings, You can choose it if you want ( Anyways, We have Other options mentioned above ).

cinemax on Amazon prime video

On your Firestick Device, Do Install the App Log in using your Amazon ID Credentials, and then Subscribe to access the Streaming.

  • Get the Amazon Prime Video Subscription at $ 14.99 Per Month with a 30 Day Free trial and Buy an Add- On for Cinemax at a Price of $ 9.99 Per Month with a Free trial available on the Service.

You can learn a lot more about the Streaming App with the Article attached here Watch Amazon Prime Video on Firestick

The Roku Channel on Firestick : 

Luckily, Cinemax is available on the Roku Channel and the Roku Channel is available now on Amazon Firestick devices.

If you are a Fire TV Stick user, you can get access to the Roku Channel and Start Streaming a Vast Library of Free Entertainment and Thousands of Movies on your Screens.

The Roku Channel app is Possible to install on any Amazon Fire TV Product – Streaming Devices, Fire TV Edition Smart TVs, and Edition Soundbars.

  • Access the Top menu using your TV Remote.
  • On the Right Scroll, Select the Apps and then Choose Categories.

the roku channel on firestick

  • Now, Click on the Movies and TV Option and Search for THE ROKU CHANNEL.
  • Add the Channel on your Device and Now you can either choose to Sign in with your Roku Account ( If you have one or It is Okay ! ).
  • Get the Cinemax on Firestick Via the Roku Channel at a Monthly Price Subscription of $ 9.99.

And if you have a Roku Streaming Device, Read: Install Cinemax on Roku

Stream Cinemax Outside US : 

For users who have been Finding a way to get Streaming Outside the US. Here you go! Read the Section of the Article and Learn How to get the Channel by overcoming Geographical Restrictions.

VPN is the best way to tackle any Geographical Restrictions that do not allow you to Stream your Favourite Content.

Cinemax Outside of the US


Install any Well known VPN Connection Service on your Firestick and then Start using the Cinemax Channel to Enjoy the Movies you love.

Conclusion : 

Hushh! You must have been Exhausted by such an Information -Filled Guide. So, There is Nothing that you would feel regret. All the Details are Worthy like the Options that we have put to Stream the Amazing Collection of Movies on your Streaming Devices. So, Choose any of the Above mentioned methods and Start Right now to Watch the TV Shows, Movies that you love and waiting for