How to Watch CHIVE TV on FireStick?

CHIVE TV brings you its originals and viral videos to your home TV. Be it for business or for home, CHIVE TV can entertain all. Fire TV users have been looking for a way to get the CHIVE TV channel on their FireStick devices. But is it possible to watch Chiave TV on FireStikc? If so, then How to watch CHIVE TV on Fire TV Stick? I you have lingering questions like this, then this article can help you with streaming the CHIVE TV channel live at your home.

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Is CHIVE TV on Firestick?

YES, You cannot watch CHIVE TV on FireStick. But to watch it, All you have to do is get the CHIVE TV-supported streaming services on your FireStick device. Just connect to the internet and start watching CHIVE TV on Fire TV for free. You can also use screencasting methods to cast the CHIVE TV app from Smarphone or Tablet to your TV screen.

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How to Watch CHIVE TV on Firestick?

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Now that you have a clear idea that you cannot watch CHIVE TV directly on FireStick, you need to use services with CHIVE TV in it. You can easily install such streaming services on your Fire TV and start to watch CHIVE TV. The Streaming services with access to CHIVE TV are,

Distro TV | Xumo

Both Distro TV and Xumo are free streaming services that can be easily installed on FireStick from its default app store. After installation, you just need to search for the CHIVE TV channel and watch it on your Fire TV.

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How to Watch CHIVE TV on Distro TV in FireStick?

Distro TV

Distro brings all premium content from movies, live TV shows, sports, news, lifestyle, and more from 150 free channels. CHIVE TV channel is one of those free channels at Distro TV. You can easily get Distro TV on Fire TV Stick and access CHIVE TV live on your TV. The simple procedures you need to follow are,

  • Turn on your FireStick device and go to Home Page.
  • Select the Search Icon
  • Use on Screen Keyboard to type the name of the app “Distro TV”
  • Or, use Alexa Voice Remote to search for the Distro TV app.
  • From the search results, tap on the Distro TV app’s icon.

Distro TV with Chive TV on FireStick

  • On its information page, select Get or Download.
  • Select Open to launch the Distro TV app on FireStick.
  • On the Distro TV home page select the Magnifying Glass icon.
  • Type CHIVE TV with an on-screen keyboard and start the search
  • Select CHIVE TV and watch it on your Fire TV.

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How to Watch CHIVE TV on Xumo in FireStick?


You can get the Xumo app to stream the CHIVE TV in the channel lineup. So it is possible to stream the CHIVE TV on your Fire TV. Also, Xumo is a free app and is available on Amazon App Store. To install Xumo on FireStick, follow the procedures from

  • One Xumo app on FireStick
  • Go to Channel Number IP-325
  • Watch Live CHIVE TV on FireStick

An alternative way to Watch CHIVE TV on FireStick


The official site of CHIVE TV,, and Atmosphere. tv can be used to watch videos on your FireStick using Amazon Silk Web Browser. You can easily install the Amazon Silk browser on your FireStick device from Amazon App Store. After installation, you can just search for sites with access to CHIVE TV and start streaming ints content on your FireStick.



CHIVE TV has its official YouTube page on which you can stream all the videos uploaded by CHIVE TV. You just need to get the YouTube app on your FireStick, create an account, and subscribe to theCHIVE. Choose any video and start streaming it on your Fire TV.

Want to listen to your favorite songs from YouTube Music on FireStick?


If you have the CHIVE TV official app on your Smartphone or Tablet, you can easily cast it to your Fire TV screen by connecting all devices to the same WiFi network. Use your Smartphone as a controller and start streaming the CHIVE TV channel on your FireStick.

Enjoy your day watching CHIVETV on FireStick in every possible way.

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To Conclude

You can get the CHIVE TV app on your Amazon Fire TV streaming device. Nevertheless, you can get it using the Xumo app from your Firestick. However, the Xumo app is available on the Amazon App Store to get it for free. Otherwise, you should want to let them know that you are getting the app for business purposes. If any other queries related to CHIVE TV on Firestick, mention them below using the comment section.


Is the CHIVE TV app free?

CHIVE TV is a free app, and it doesn’t have any subscription, but this app is only for business purposes and home entertainment.

What are the ways to stream CHIVE TV?

CHIVE TV is a dedicated app for the choice to stream videos and TV shows also can watch CHIVE TV at home via Distro TV, LG smart TV, and Xumo app.