Best Browser For Amazon FireStick / Fire Tv [Jan 2020]

Fire Stick is a famous device to combine your TV and internet with each other. Only a few browsers are suitable for the Fire Stick among many different browsers. Watching any video content in the browsers become possible without the help of cable TV or satellite. But what you want more is a browser on your FireStick. Since you need a browser to stream media contents, you should be known with the most available and best browser for FireStick. The following article brings out the best browser for your Amazon FireStick devices.

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Best Browser For Amazon FireStick

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Best Browser For Amazon Firestick in 2020

Google Chrome

google chrome feature
google chrome feature

Chrome us usually used by all the people across the world because of its user- friendly benefits. Since it has got its own internet search engine on Google, browsing any content becomes easy. Google Chrome is considered a secured browser among many other browsers. Google Chrome works with many great tools such as bookmarking, adding extensions, download manager and much more. It is a very light application. It is designed with an incognito mode, so you can browse anything confidentially without saving any cookies, history or any other.

google feature

Features of Google Chrome

  • You can browse quickly.
  • Has incognito browsing.
  • Adapts Chrome with your device.
  • Permits bookmarking.
  • Secures the appliance with Google’s safe browsing.
  • voice search is obtainable.
  • Weightless app.
  • Uses a fewer number of Internet data.
  • Google translate functions.
  • You can stream videos offline.
  • Downloads anything quickly.
  • It has got developer tools.
  • You can clear your cookies and cache easily.

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Another amazing and suitable browser for FireStick which is contained with many good features is Mozilla Firefox. It could be said as the best competitor to Google because it has got several good characteristics like Google Chrome. Firefox is considered as the very first reliable web browser for private users. Just with a single hit, you can share websites or links on social media. On your FireStick, categories like sports, news, entertainment, movies, culture, social media, music, streaming services and much more are completely available in this browser. It is also designed by an incognito character to protect privacy browsing.


Features of Firefox

  • It has got a quick web browser.
  • Since it has got intelligent search options, you can search the contents quickly.
  • Developed privacy options are available.
  • Combines your device with your browser.
  • Has inbuilt visual tabs.
  • Permits bookmarking.
  • It includes extensions on the browser-based on your needs.
  • Quick share choices are available. You can browse anything using Firefox.

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Web Browser

web browser

Web Browser is functional on the FireStick. It is considered as a simple browser to browse. But it has no bookmarking options. You can browse anything through any search engine quickly. Incognito mode is available which protects your privacy options.

web browser feature

Features of Web Browser

  • Works fastly.
  • Records internet browsing.
  • Maintains your browsing perfectly.
  • You can search with Google and much more.
  • Fullscreen is available.   

Silk Browser

silk browser


Amazon FireStick has Silk Browser as an inbuilt option. It is designed by Amazon and its catalog quickly. It is easy to access in the FireStick devices. It is made up of modest UI to browser videos, web pages, movies, photos and much more. Alexa or Fire TV remote helps to regulate the videos and audio. The home screen is displayed through simple options like bookmarking, switch between mobiles and desktop sites and much more. Parental controls can be used to block unwanted sites.

Features of Silk Browser

  • Permits the catalog of accounts in the accounts service.
  • You can access the location.
  • Gives information about networks.
  • Permits and applications to receive messages through Google cloud messaging.
  • Open network sockets are available.
  • You can get Global audio settings.

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Opera Browser


Opera is the weightless web browser among all. Automatic video download options are available so you can install any videos. If you don’t find this browser in the Amazon store, then you have to sideload through Aptiode TV or ES File Explorer.

Features of Opera Browser

  • It has an inbuilt advertisement blocker so it avoids the ads while streaming.
  • It has a configurable homepage and so you can maintain your private browsing.

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Browser becomes the most important device for everyone to search for any content. Since some of the browsers have got a user-friendly interface, accessing becomes easy. We hope this article will surely help you.

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