9 Ways to FIx Airpod case Not charging in 2020

The main reason for  AirPods case not charging is a software issue. Airpod is formulated to hold numerous charges. So you can charge your AirPods at any time. Wherever you are it does not the problem, You can charge your case. If your AirPods case will not charge, there are some ways to fix the error. In this article, we will discuss why the AirPod case not charging and how to come out of the issue.

Fix Airpods Not Charging Issue

How to Fix Airpod Case Not Charging?

We collaged 9 most possible way to fix your Airpod charging issues, Each device and solutions vary depends on their possibilities and High chances within below points are worth trying before knock doors on Apple Support Service centers. We Hope You get fixed Aipod Case charging errors within the below points to save your pockets.

Let’s dive right into our findings.

1: Clean the Cases Charging Port

Airpods not Charging

Another important thing is to clean the charging port. You should not use anything wet or metal. In case of emergency, if you use it, it will cause for short circuit.

1: Take one Anti-static brush or toothpick.

2: Scrape the silt out.

3: By using both wipe your AirPods and charging case.

4: Connect the lightning cable to the AirPods case to charge your case.

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2: How to Reset Your Airpod case to Fix the Error?

factory reset airpod

If you reset your AirPods case, it will clear the operating system which helps to fix the issue.

Steps to Reset AirPods Case:

1: On your back of your click and clasp the “Step button”.

2: Once the status light flashes amber, let go of the button.

3: Now your battery case should charge.

3: Stop Using Non-Apple charging cables

Non-Apple charging cables

If you use off-brand cords, colorful varieties at amenity stores, or online, you will be stuck with problems. Because these cords are cheaper than standard apple brand charging cables. Apple charging cables are always best and made of smooth plastic. You will get one cable if you buy a new Apple device. From apple’s website, you can obtain official cables directly.

4: Check Charger Cord Connection to Fix Airpod Not Charging

Check Your Charger Cord Connection 

You can use third-party charging cable, check whether it is working properly or not. And also it can charge another device on the iPhone. If it works well in another device, we come to know that the charging cable is still functional. Plug your charge cable into your AirPods charging case. If it not work, unplug and then flip it over. Again plug it back.

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5: Check Your Power Outlet

Check Your Power Outlet

If your power outlet is not working properly, you will be clasped with an error. Use one normal device to check that the outlet is working or not.

6: Check Your Wireless Charging Pad

Check your wireless charging pad

Make sure that you are using the airport which supports wireless charging. Use 2 nd generation AirPods or AirPods pro.

7: Connect Your Case to Your phone

Connect your case to your phone

Using a mobile phone is a bit more complicated to find that your AirPods are charging or not. Slip your AirPods into the case and shut the lid. Take your working charger and outlet and put charge both on your AirPods and case for 15 minutes.

8: Check Your Connection 

Small minor things we missed out that may be the reason behind Airpods Case not charging, check whether the lightning cable is plugged into the USB power adapter and then make sure that the power adapter is clogged into a power outlet.

9: Set up Airpods using iPhone 

1: Unlock your iPhone.

2: Open the charging case and hold it.

3: You will receive a setup animation on your iPhone.

4: Click connect option.

5: Tap did.

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Final words:

The above-given steps help you to overcome the airport not charging issue. Most people do not know how to overcome this issue. For them, this will be a good one to face the problem.